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Bug/Issue Multiplayer Bug

Discussion in 'Support' started by firelord, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. firelord

    firelord Space Hobo


    My game while playing on the Switch crashed the other day while in multiplayer.

    Ever since I’ve tried to get into the multiplayer lobby it loads the game that previously crashed and is stuck on a frozen screen.

    I tried closing the application and reloading, deleting the game and reinstalling, lastly deleting all saved content and reinstalling but I still get taken to the crashed screen whenever I click on multiplayer.

    Please help, thank you!
    • w7123

      w7123 Space Hobo


      I am having the same issue on my switch. I even deleted the game just like firelord but it still goes to the last battle and it frizzes.
      I made a video for prove.

      Please help
      Thank you
      • ovan66

        ovan66 Space Hobo

        Hi, I have the same problem, its exactly the same, and it happens the same that @w7123 the video shows the same, what can i do to fix that?
        • avery1

          avery1 Space Hobo

          Hello, created an account to let everyone know I just encountered the exact same issue on the switch version. Would love to be able to play online as the reason I bought the game was to play with friends.

          In the event that any of these details matter, I was playing an online quickplay on switch against a PC player. Several turns in we got disconnected, after trying to go back online it immediately loads the match (prior to my opponent starting their next turn) and it shows the nex turn graphic and then freezes. Music keeps playing. Map was on snowy severe weather if it matters. trying to press the cancel button before it loads the previous match doesn't do anything.
            Last edited: Mar 11, 2019
          • tccoxon

            tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

            Hey folks. Would you be able to reply with your exact in-game user name, to help us track down which lobbies the crash is happening in?
            • jaybag

              jaybag Intergalactic Tourist

              yes same thing has happened to me on xbox one, my gamertag is Gospel of Jbag. my system got turned off midway through an online match and ever since, whenever i go to multiplayer and select online, it goes right back to game and freezes. side note - i deleted all saved data and uninstalled, after reinstalling, it has the same freeze issue but now it goes to turn 1 instead of middle of match
              • avery1

                avery1 Space Hobo

                In game username is Avery. I'm an American player from Texas if that helps narrow anything. Opponent's name was PassAFist
                • firelord

                  firelord Space Hobo

                  Hi tccoxon,

                  My in game is either joe or firelord I was playing against an account called Robert.

                  Any other info you might need?

                  • Esemanraro

                    Esemanraro Poptop Tamer

                    I'm having the same issue since 3 days ago!
                    Been searching endlessly for a solution.
                    Reported it through social media,
                    but probably better to do so through the forums.

                    My switch ID is Esemanraro
                    (Pls halp, I love this game.)
                    • firelord

                      firelord Space Hobo


                      I am still running into the same issue. I am not able to play any multiplayer games and it’s been like this for almost a week now.

                      Any updates?

                      • Willnichols667

                        Willnichols667 Orbital Explorer

                        I’m having the exact same problem my username is Pilliam and I’m on a Nintendo switch. I’m super bummed I was enjoying the game since launch up until the recent update. Now I can’t play online at all.
                        • Esemanraro

                          Esemanraro Poptop Tamer

                          Still stuck, please help.
                          • Willnichols667

                            Willnichols667 Orbital Explorer

                            What’s the deal guys? This is a pretty major bug it’s completely eliminated a good chunk of gameplay for people. We all paid for this game and like it enough to let you know that there is an issue where we can’t play the game in multiplayer anymore. Is there any progress? Do you know if you will be able to fix it anytime soon?
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                            • Kookysooky

                              Kookysooky Tentacle Wrangler

                              So I played nonstop for 4 days no issues then Im losing a match and have to leave so I decide to put my switch in sleep mode. My game was returning to the previously frozen game, and after deleting my save data it now returns to the same map yet as a new match on turn 1, and is still frozen. I only bought this game for multiplayer and now I cant play. This is gamebreaking
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                              • jennydeighz

                                jennydeighz Space Hobo

                                My username is grenchy and this is happening to me on the switch vs someone named evee
                                • Shubeans

                                  Shubeans QA Wizard Chucklefish

                                  Hey everyone. We are aware of this issue and it has been fixed on Steam/Mac.
                                  However we're still waiting on the CERT to go through on Switch/Xbox which I'm hoping will be towards the end of this week/next week.

                                  I am SO sorry that this issue is occurring, it was a complete oversight on our part when using the new quick play resign features.

                                  Please let me know if this issue doesn't go away when the new patch is available!

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