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Bug/Issue Multiplayer bug - Connection error based on who is hosting

Discussion in 'Support' started by fitosam, Aug 15, 2018.

  1. fitosam

    fitosam Space Hobo

    The situation is as follows: Consider friends A, B and C.

    When A hosts, B cant join but C can.
    When B hosts, A cant join but C can.
    When C hosts, both can join. But the main farm is currently on A and we dont actually want to start over.

    Has this happened to someone? Can we "move" the farm from A to C by manipulating game files?
    • ScaredEddie

      ScaredEddie Space Hobo

      I have a similar issue, only I can't join or host at all. :/
      When I try to join, it says "connecting" for a while, then it turns to "connection failed". And when I try to host, my friends can't find the game, (I have changed my privacy) and when I try to get the game pin and everything, it just turns to connecting, and does not change.

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