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  1. Matthew101

    Matthew101 Master Chief

    It was meant to be a lost ax, not a dog. cachorro/dog | machado/axe. The text seems to be a completely different mission lol. HAHAHA error.png
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    • Rauchschwalbe

      Rauchschwalbe Cosmic Narwhal

      Translation Feedback
      Language: German
      Operating System:
      Windows 10
      Build Version: I don`t know where the about screen is, but it is the latest version

      Which part of the translation do you think is wrong, and why?
      The Stardew Valley Fair is translated into Sternentautalervolksfest (I know, we Germans like to make big words, but that`s too long,even for us)
      Spirite`s Eve is translated into Abend der Geister...which kinda describes it not very good.
      Flower Barrel is translated into Blumentopf (flower pot), which isn`t on the spot
      The decorative item anchor is translated into Bullauge (bullseye), which is wrong
      The armchair is translated into Lehnstuhl, which isn`t on the spot
      Bamboorod - Bambusstange (like stick)
      Windy weather in fall at the TV: Es wird wolkig mit Windböen den ganzen Tag hinweg. (there is a grammatical kind of word missing which I am sure it only exists in German, because we have a stupidly long term for every word)
      Dish`o Sea is translated into Gericht der See, which is basically correct, but sounds horrible
      Autumn`s Bounty is translated into Herbstfülle....same as Dish o Sea
      Salmonberry-Lachsbeere, this isn`t the correct name
      Fiber - Faser (it`s the word for a single plant should be more than one)
      Void-Essence isn`t translated
      Seed Maker is translated into Saatgut-Mischer (Seed mixer)
      Fairy rose was translated into Fee (fairy)....but it still grows into a rose and not a fairy
      Starfruit - Sternenfrucht (it´s a Carambola in german)
      Trailer - Anhänger (wrong, it is a Wohnwagen)
      Backwoods - Hinterwäldler (lol, Hinterwäldler is a dumb person)

      How do you think it should be fixed, and why?

      Sternentautalervolksfest - Stardew Valley Fest or Kirmes or Dorffest (please leave Stardew Valley)
      Abend der Geister - well...maybe Geisternacht or is kinda hard to translate it....
      Flower Barrel - Blumenfass or Fass mit Blumen
      Bullauge (the anchor) - Anker
      Lehnstuhl - Sessel
      Bambusstange - Bambusangel
      Es wird wolkig mit Windböen den ganzen Tag hinweg. - Es wird wolkig mit Windböen über den ganzen Tag hinweg.
      Gericht der See - Matrosenteller or something well rounded
      Herbstfülle - Herbstschmaus
      Lachsbeere- Pracht-Himbeere
      Faser - Fasern
      Void-Essence - Essenz der Leere
      Saatgut-Mischer - Saatmaschine
      Fairy Rose - Polyantha-Rose (yes, that`s the german name)
      Starfruit - Carambola
      Anhänger - Wohnwagen
      Hinterwäldler - hinterer Wald or simply Wald
      • anova

        anova Void-Bound Voyager

        Hey everyone, hi Chucklefish! Thanks for your work on the German translation.

        I had a quick look at the German version yesterday. It's quite good, but unfortunately I don't think it's on par with the quality of Stardew Valley. Still, I found almost no misspellings and there were a lot of nice dialog texts. Kudos for that!

        My main criticism is that the translation sometimes sticks too close to the English structure. There are quite a few expressions that don't sound natural because you need to use a different structure or words to get the same point across in German. Another complete check by a professional, qualified German proofreader should get rid of these unnatural expressions easily. I think it would be worth the effort! :) (Yes I'm a language nerd)

        My other big criticism is that it seems the translator/s weren't given enough context, i. e. were not always told what text would appear where. One example for this is the tab "Fish" in your log. "Fish" can mean one or multiple fish in English and here clearly the plural is meant. However, the German translation uses the singular. Without context or testing, errors like this are extremely hard to avoid.

        Alright, now on to more examples :D

        You might want to change the current translation of "Pelican Town". I saw it translated once as "Stadt Pelikan" and once as "Pelikan Stadt", the first of which is extremely unnatural and the second of which is spelled incorrectly. Regardless I would strongly recommend against using the word "Stadt", as it implies a town/city with around 10,000 or more inhabitants, which I think is contrary to the spirit of Stardew Valley. I would suggest "Pelikanhausen". If this is not possible, "Pelikanstadt" and "Pelican Town" would at least be correctly spelled.

        There is an error in the name of the player's farm. The English is "XY Farm", which was translated to "XY Hof" in German. This is a common German misspelling. It should be ideally translated to "Hof XY" and less ideally to "XY-Hof", but definitely not left as-is.

        Some unnatural translations and suggestions to fix them:
        Name of Lewis' house: Villa des Bürgermeisters --> Haus des Bürgermeisters (or similar)
        Alex's introduction: Wir werden sicher gut miteinander zurechtkommen --> Wir werden sicher gut miteinander auskommen
        Quest name: Vorstellungen --> Kennenlernen (or similar; "Vorstellung" is not used for informally introducing yourself)
        When you click on a door: Es ist verschlossen. --> Die Tür ist verschlossen.
        Item type: Blaupausen --> Blaupause

        Some misspellings and corrections:
        Pelikan Strand --> Pelikanstrand (or similar)
        Mittwochs --> mittwochs
        Several people addressed me as "der Bauer" even though my character was female.
        Schleimtroge --> Schleimtröge

        Rauchschwalbe also made quite a few good points above. I hope this is helpful! And I'd be happy to provide more detailed feedback if it can help make this wonderful game better.
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        • sacredbishop

          sacredbishop Subatomic Cosmonaut

          I think this works, i've been able to buy without the game crushing.

          Now this happened, it is not a big deal, but is annoying (Pierre's text is on top and don't let me read what is under)

          Spanish Translation - win 10 - 1.2.3
          • mafi_93

            mafi_93 Subatomic Cosmonaut

            Language: Spanish
            Operating System: Windows 10
            Build Version: 1.2.2

            The Lonely Stone doesnt sound when u click on it in the map (In all languages except English)

            When you create a game in a language and then change it (except English), upon awakening recives an extra scythe (We had that problem in fanmade localization, but I can not remember the reason)[​IMG]
            • MysticTempest

              MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

              Crash/Bug Report
              English(only tested in English, but likely occurs regardless of language)
              Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit - Linux(tested on mine, but probably happens regardless of system as 'Walsfeo' reported it)
              Build Version: v1.2.3, but happened in older versions as well.

              What happened? Did the game crash, freeze / lock up, or just do something wrong (e.g. use the wrong character's dialogue)? What did you expect to happen here?
              Walsfeo, a user on the Steam forum; reported an issue with the adoption of the dog. It would just keep repeating the pet adoption event; event #897405.

              Their post on Steam here:

              What were you doing in the game at the time?

              Exiting the farmhouse, and appearing on the farm to trigger the event.

              Have you been able to trigger the bug or crash again by repeating what you did the first time?
              Yes, after fixing their savefile to bypass the repeating event, and manually add the dog back in. I went to look for the cause.
              It took some troubleshooting, but I eventually found out it was due to the CobbleStone Path completely covering the floor inside the farmhouse.

              For whatever reason, it glitches up the event so the dog can not be properly placed in the farmhouse.
              • bigdick

                bigdick Tentacle Wrangler

                I did not ever mean to overstate the difference of translation quality between Chinese and Japanese, but it exists, indeed.
                Just now I found that Japanese players have begun the translation work and tests long before.

                Take a look at this site:
                The title of the thread "SStardew Valley 日本語化作業所 part2 [無断転載禁止]" means " Japanese localization workshop for Stardew Valley part2 [Don't republish without permission.]", published in March, 2016.
                I have checked the google spreadsheet of their translation work:

                However, the current translation in game of beta ver. is different from the one on spreadsheet, in many ways. But I guess the translator should have referred to the translation on spreadsheet.

                All in all, the reason why Japanese localization is done well can be explained for they have a good reference (just a guess). The reasons for not satisfactory Chinese localization cannot be explained now. It may be due to lack of time to test, or lack of communication among developers, publishers and translators, or something else?
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                • DerBonk

                  DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

                  Very exciting to finally see the official translation. I don't have time to play the game at the moment, but just wanted to chime in and thank you guys for your work.

                  I was actually a lead on the fan translation efforts into German, so I'll hang around this thread to see if we discussed some translation problems that are coming up already. (Hi Anova! Hi Rauchschwalbe! Good to see you again!)

                  We discussed this at length and I second Anova's comments. "Pelikanhausen" was a popular translation, but we decided to stick with the English place names (just like the Portuguese want the character names to stay the same) generally. We do not translate most names of places (e.g. "New York" does not become "Neu York," "Silicon Valley" is never "Siliciumtal," or "Yellowstone" "Gelbstein"), especially from English. On top of that, Germans are used to names and places not being translated in their localized versions of TV shows, movies etc. So far so that expressions such as "Sir" (as an honorific), Mom/Dad, or "cop" (for police) are not translated either, because their German counterparts would sound off. I personally strongly dislike attempts to make everything German (in the past "Green Lantern" was called "Die Grüne Leuchte" for example), but that's me.

                  These were our solutions for the names of the festivals:
                  • Feast of the Winter Star = Fest des Wintersterns (+ secret gift exchange habe ich mal Wichteln genannt)
                  • Spirit's Eve = Geisternacht
                  • Festival of Ice = Eisfest
                  • Egg Festival = Eierfest
                  • Stardew Valley Fair = Stardew Valley Jahrmarkt
                  • Pelican Town Luau = Pelican Town Luau
                  • Flower Dance = Blumentanz
                  • Dance of the Moonlight Jellies = Tanz der Mondlichtquallen
                  tccoxon: Let me know if it would help to have access to our old table of translations. It's not up to date, since we stopped work once the official translation was announced and it's far from complete, but it might be useful for you. Also let me know if we can do anything else to help. We had a small community of dedicated testers and discussed a lot of these issues. I also wonder if it would make sense to have separate threads for the different languages. We used a bug tracker, which was very helpful.
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                  • Hans Günther

                    Hans Günther Tentacle Wrangler

                    Bee House is in german --> Bienenstock
                    Charcoal Kiln is in german --> (Kohlen)Meiler
                    Field Snack is not a Feldpaket. I would it translate with Energieriegel or Müsliriegel
                    Rabbit's Foot is in german --> Hasenfote A Hasenfuß means yellow-belly or scaredycat
                    • tccoxon

                      tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                      I don't understand. Did you expect the official translations to be exactly the same as the fan translations? Translation is not one-to-one, there are often multiple options to choose from, and reasons for choosing which one can vary depending on intent and interpretation.

                      I'm glad you feel that the Japanese one is done well :)

                      Different translators (through the same company) were employed to provide each language's translation and QA... So it's not totally unexpected that quality would vary a little, but it is disappointing that it apparently varies so much.

                      Your feedback's really helpful. Thank you.
                      • bigdick

                        bigdick Tentacle Wrangler

                        No. I just wanna say that the official translator does not copy the fan translations off and his work is as good as the fans made one.

                        My pleasure if my post helps.
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                        • Rauchschwalbe

                          Rauchschwalbe Cosmic Narwhal

                          Charcoal Kiln is not a Kohlemeiler. You can`t just translate it that way. A meiler is a huge factory while this this thing is tiny. The current translation is okay in my opinion.
                          And it is spelled Hasenpfote. I agree with you about the rest.
                          • Hans Günther

                            Hans Günther Tentacle Wrangler

                            Look here --> Kiln

                            Eigentlich wird damit der Holzhaufen beschrieben, der sich in Kohle verwandelt. Er passt aber auch gut für die Übersetzung hier
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                            • tccoxon

                              tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                              v1.2.4 is now available on the beta branch. The main change here was:
                              • NPCs in Portuguese now have the same names as in English. Please be on the lookout for use of the wrong name in dialogue, UI, etc. :up:
                              We'll have a build up later today with more fixes.

                              For reference, here are the changes in the previous builds:
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                              • DerBonk

                                DerBonk Industrial Terraformer

                                I think leo is not a good dictionary, generally (it's user generated and has many German quirks), but Wikipedia agrees with you that the heap of wood that you burn to make coal is a "Kohlenmeiler."
                                • mafi_93

                                  mafi_93 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  Language: All
                                  Operating System: Win 10
                                  Build Version: 1.2.4

                                  Playing windowed, in the save selection, when you maximize the window this happens:

                                  The drop-down menu only opens while you press the button, if you release it closes.
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                                  • Anderson

                                    Anderson Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                    Awesome. Thanks.

                                    I did not find any wrong name in dialogues/UI. That's is nice :)

                                    Only a little correction, in the Help Wanted Board, the text "Sementes de alta qualidade! Só na loja do Pierre's." The " 's " can be removed. "Só na loja do Pierre" is the correct. Also, the signpost "Pierre's" could be changed to only "Pierre", but is not a big deal at all, so it can be kept. :)

                                    Thanks for the change mate :)
                                    We appreciate the updates.
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                                    • lordmathbr

                                      lordmathbr Void-Bound Voyager

                                      Thanks TC :DD:DD
                                      • tccoxon

                                        tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                                        Hmm... I can't reproduce this. Is it on a file newly created for the beta, or an old save you're bringing forward?

                                        Would you be able to send this save file to me via PM or email

                                        No idea how this happened. Does it happen every time? Does it follow your cursor around? Does it happen in other shop interfaces?
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                                        • BaconBaka

                                          BaconBaka Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                          Bug Report
                                          Operating System: Windows 10
                                          Build Version: 1.2.2

                                          Basically, it happens when I went to bed. It flashed to the next morning for a second, gave me the stats for today, and the next in-game day... The environment was dark, almost like in a rainy day.

                                          I can exit the game and reenter, and it would be its normal light, though. If someone can reproduce this bug, please do so.
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