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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katzeus, Feb 7, 2017.

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  1. neoxidado

    neoxidado Space Spelunker

    The game fails the next day and you have to start all over again. This happens in the Spanish version.
    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

      The old bug where special characters aren't properly mapped seems to have resurfaced; but only for the alternate languages.

      Sys info:
      Linux 64bit
      Keyboard Layout: Generic 105 key; English(US)

      I can provide more info. as necessary.

      And, here's a screenshot of the various languages on the same savefile:
      • guuhvillela

        guuhvillela Space Hobo

        Gorgeous update... But please, keep the original villagers names on pt-br translation, it sounds so much better, really!
        Btw, Good job translating!
        • Emily Vasiliev

          Emily Vasiliev Space Hobo

          It's the same with me, when I try to enter with one of the characters he goes back to the menu.
          • Emily Vasiliev

            Emily Vasiliev Space Hobo

            My game does not want to open, it gets to start, but when I choose a character it comes back as if I had just opened the game.
            Excuse my English, I'm Brazilian.
            And also, please come back with the original names of the characters.
            • lordmathbr

              lordmathbr Orbital Explorer

              Emily, tem uma pequena "solução temporária" coloque o idioma do seu windows em inglês, reinicie o PC que o jogo irá carregar normalmente..
              • tatsuoni

                tatsuoni Void-Bound Voyager

                I would first like to thank the work was great version in Brazilian-Portuguese.:catsparkle::catsparkle::catsparkle::catsparkle::catsparkle::catsparkle::catsparkle::catsparkle::catsparkle:

                But I'm having trouble loading the game after the second day's automatic save. I've already emailed the corrupted save file.

                Problem solved:catlol:
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                • kratoscheky

                  kratoscheky Void-Bound Voyager

                  :::Translation to PT-BR:::
                  * Do not translate proper names.
                  * You can not load a previously saved game
                  * The weather channel always says it will rain.
                  • virmint

                    virmint Space Hobo

                    Report for Chinese

                    So happy to see Chinese words in Stardew Valley!
                    I found some error in translation about all kinds of vegetable juice and fruit wine and jam.

                    My "ancient fruit wine" and "blackberry wine" called the same "果酒" in Chinese, which means "fruit wine".
                    So I can't distinguish my wine is made from what kind of fruit, and I found the same error in vegetable juice and jam. Honey doesn't have this error.
                    upload_2017-2-8_13-23-30.png salmonberry jam → jam
                    upload_2017-2-8_13-24-17.png blackberry jam → jam
                    upload_2017-2-8_13-25-19.png potato juice → juice
                    upload_2017-2-8_13-25-47.png ancient fruit wine → fruit wine
                    upload_2017-2-8_13-26-29.png I don't know… maybe it's blackberry wine → fruit wine

                    I saw MysticTempest's reply and I tried, after loading the old file, the problem exist, but in new version if you make jam,wine,juice, the translation is right (like the picture says "blueberry jam"), and when you have some old-version blueberry jam in box and its translation is just"jam", you put your new jam into the box, the new jam and the old jam can be mixed, but the translation is still "jam".


                    So I tried to put the new jam in a box without old jam, and the translation is right.

                    But when I get 1 new jam from this box, the translation become wrong.

                    Sorry for poor English...

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                    • MysticTempest

                      MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                      I seem to have the same, or similar issue as virmint. Only, I'm testing on the Spanish version.

                      I did a quick test, and for me at least. I noticed that loading a savegame with various artisan goods (like wines/jellies) of different flavors will cause this error.
                      As the game can't seem to differentiate items already in the savefile, and just uses the generic display name.

                      However, new items processed after the update seem to give me the correct translated version.
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                      • virmint

                        virmint Space Hobo

                        Also a Chinese report

                        When I get milk from goats, it says "the goat has no [cow milk]"

                        牛奶→cow milk
                        山羊奶→goat milk

                        In our daily life, if you say a English word "milk", mostly people will think it is "cow milk" in Chinese,
                        maybe the translator doesn't know here in the game the word"milk" also need to fit goats.
                        I think the right translation is
                        "Goat 现在没有奶了。"

                        This error makes my friends laughed a lot wwwwwww

                        And also this, same error

                        This means "the sheep doesn't produce [cow milk]"
                        I think the right translation is
                        "Sheep 不产奶。"

                        Well this is a very small error......
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                        • msdmsd

                          msdmsd Intergalactic Tourist

                          Hello dear Chucklefish.
                          I have a problem with the Save file. I play in German. If I now want to load a game I fly back to the cat logo. The game allows me to make a new game. But I do not know what to do.

                          Otherwise nice work thank you :D

                          best regards msdmsd

                          btw: sorry 4 my english i used english translator from google.

                          Edit: I have found a translation error or better to say grammatical errors. At the Intro Video of the Grandpa "Wenn das passiert, mein Junge, wirst du bereit für dieses Geschenk sein" Better it would be "Wenn das passiert, mein Junge, wirst du bereit sein für dieses Geschenk."
                          I have emphasized the words which only have to be changed differently
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                          • virmint

                            virmint Space Hobo

                            I have the same problem for loading the next day and I solve it.

                            You need to change your system lME to English(America).
                            My language is Chinese, and if in the game you turned to EN English(America), you can pass the next morning and continue.
                            • martrial

                              martrial Void-Bound Voyager

                              Really the translation is not bad at all, but for me, it needs to change the names of the originals in the Brazilian translation, because I know that they will change to look more like Brazilian names, just like I can say I get very weird exmplo: penny = penelope wtf penny com Penelope's name does not match anything with her way please change it.

                              sorry my english not very good..
                              • martrial

                                martrial Void-Bound Voyager

                                my game retart back to intro menu i load have how fix it ?
                                • msdmsd

                                  msdmsd Intergalactic Tourist

                                  Thanks 4 patch :). I can load my save games now :)
                                  • tccoxon

                                    tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer Chucklefish

                                    Could people having trouble loading their games apply the latest patch? v1.2.1 on the beta branch should fix that issue. You may need to restart Steam to get it to notice that there's an update available.

                                    Yes, existing wine and jam items have lost the name of the fruit. There wasn't enough info stored in save files to construct the correct translation. But newly created jam and wine should correctly show the names of fruits. Everything else about them (price, etc.) should be alright.
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                                    • weissbaer

                                      weissbaer Void-Bound Voyager

                                      First of all: Thank you for this update and even though it's still beta people seem to really enjoy it, me included.

                                      Wouldn't it make things much easier to just report translation errors or better translations to a language specific thread instead of brining it all together into this one until nobody has any chance of seeing it through?
                                      • maguskaian

                                        maguskaian Void-Bound Voyager

                                        Adorei a tradução, exceto por duas coisas, não consigo fazer loading de salves antigos e os nomes poderiam ficar como no original, ja estava acostumados com eles.
                                        I love the iniciative to translate the game to brazilian portuguese, we used to love harvest moon and now we love Stardew Valley, there's two things that need repair, i can't load old salves games and we like the original names in english, keep them, is more easy to old players that way.
                                        Thanks for the atention, Bye.
                                        • Mayaka

                                          Mayaka Void-Bound Voyager

                                          It works for me! Thank you very much.
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