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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Katzeus, Feb 7, 2017.

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  1. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Hey everyone!

    We've been working with Playism to translate Stardew Valley into German, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Many of you have been waiting super patiently for the localization update to be released, and we thank you for that! Everyone involved in this project wanted to take the time to ensure the patch was stable and the localization was excellent.

    We're nearly ready to release the update, but first we'd really love some feedback - is the translation good? Are you running into any new bugs we failed to catch? To that end, we're running an open beta of the localization update on Steam.

    Here's what's included in the beta branch:

    • Full translations into German, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Simplified Chinese
    • Fixes for animal happiness related bugs
    • The "exit to title" button has returned!
    • Cursor acceleration when playing on a gamepad (like the console version of the game)
    Here's how to access the beta branch:

    From your Steam library, right-click 'Stardew Valley' and select 'Properties'. Choose the 'beta' tab. You should see a drop down menu. From there, select 'beta - Help test new updates before they go live'.


    It is important to back up your saves.

    Old saves should continue to work in the beta branch, but make a backup (info about locating your save file) before switching to the beta. After saving in the beta branch, you won't be able to load your save file in the current stable version.

    How to provide feedback:
    You can reply to this thread with feedback, or email Please use the forms below and provide as much info as you can. Thanks for your help!

    Known Issues:
    • "Looking for saved games" on the load menu is not translated
    • Music on the title screen plays even if disabled after using "Exit to Title"
    Notes on Multiplayer
    This is a whole ‘nother thing unrelated to localization, but everyone’s been asking us about the multiplayer update. All we can say is that we’re working on it and making progress. It’s not ready yet, though, and we can’t give you an idea of when it will be. We'll let you know more as soon as we can. Sorry for making you wait!

    Thai Support
    We know Thai is a language which has been widely requested as well. XNA and monogame engines don't support Thai characters properly right now. We're looking into adding support to monogame somehow, but it's going to take some time. This is something we would still like to support in the future!

    Lastly, any testers interested in helping translate the wiki into these new languages can read this post for details about helping out with that.
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    • Mayaka

      Mayaka Void-Bound Voyager

      Thank you so much for this I'm really excited! just a few minutes ago I started a new game (changed to German language) and I already have some troubles with it.

      1. Like I said above I started a new game but I cannot load the save file after I went to bed on day 2 and saved it (I went back to the screen and tried to load it again) however, everytime I try to load it - it "restarts" and the logo from chucklefish and concernedape just start again as if I restarted the whole thing and I go back to the new / load or exit screen. (like an endless loop) I also tried to exit everything but it doesn't work either.
      2. When I zoomed out while playing I couldn't zoom in anymore unless to 85% I think? And the clock in the right up corner isn't where it should be.
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      • Kabra

        Kabra Space Spelunker


        Great work and great game

        Just got the update and switched to the beta version.

        In Spanish, when you go to the load games screen, when it's looking for saved games, the game shows the name of a resource string instead of the translation or even int the default language (English)

        In other languages (German and Russian at least), it shows in English "Looking for Saved Games"

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        • tccoxon

          tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

          Could you send your save file to Here's instructions on where to find it:

          We know about issues with zooming. A fix is coming.

          Yep. This string was added very recently and we don't have translations for it in the game yet. A future beta build will include the translation and both these issues will go away.
          • nevergrowingup

            nevergrowingup Void-Bound Voyager


            I tried to play too in german and I couldnt even load the save file. Maybe because I started in english? Well I started a new one to test on the english version and thats the only one (which I noticed now) who has changed into the german language. But wasnt able to load this too. I would change the name of 'Hofbuch', because I assume a lot dont know what is meant with it. 'Agenda' or 'Missionsbuch' would be better.
            Then the TV is halways in the planth on the right of it, which shouldnt be like that, I used the forest farm. You also cant interact with it. Or the oven. And when you try replacing the plant on the right (which I did accidentaly) I came into a cave.

            Oh, and in german et isnt 'Leben im Land' but 'Leben auf dem Land', because otherwise it means you're living in the land/earth... somehow the tv worked then. dont know what I did.
            and theres a problem with the zoom fonction.

            Again I found a translation error. 'Baue eine Pastinake an', means you're builduing one. It should be 'Pflanze eine Pastinake an.'
            I think I'll make a word document from now on with everything I notice :'D
            Thats it for my first look. :)

            Here's my first part of the list til the game crashed:

            Part one:

            · Tv doesnt work right

            · Cave who shouldn’t be there

            · "Leben im Land" – >"Leben auf dem Land"

            · "Baue eine Pastinake an" -> "Pflanze eine Pastinake an"

            · "Der Doktor im Dorf" sounds weird, usually the germans say "Arzt" instead of "Doktor"

            · On the request board, is still written "nothing is posted today" when there's no quest. Also the pub for Pierres is totally wrong. 'Samen hoher Güter" doesn’t make any sense, it should be "Samen hoher Qualität." Sounds a lot like google translator – which istn really good.

            · Now it seems the game killed itself and my laptop, everythinstopped working after switching windows. It stopped working.

            · After starting it again it couldn’t load the safe file, so it wont load any file.

            I would attach the error log when I'd know how.
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            • nevergrowingup

              nevergrowingup Void-Bound Voyager

              found out, here's the log :)

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              • SergeMorgue

                SergeMorgue Tentacle Wrangler

                I've found some issues with Brazilian Portuguese translation. How can I report (in Portuguese) directly to translators?
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                • Katzeus

                  Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

                  For now you can report directly into this thread, we'll do our best to keep reports organized and communicate feedback to the translators. Thank you!
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                  • lordmathbr

                    lordmathbr Void-Bound Voyager

                    Hi, please come back the original names in translation PORTUGUÊS-BR, Robbin it is "Rebeca", Mayor Lewis is "Luis" .. sorry my english..


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                    • lordmathbr

                      lordmathbr Void-Bound Voyager

                      Bug Report: new characters wont be loaded.. returning to main menu
                      • lordmathbr

                        lordmathbr Void-Bound Voyager

                        same problem with new characters and old saves
                        • jhon_jairo1

                          jhon_jairo1 Intergalactic Tourist

                          Delete the save file (C:\Users\Jhon \AppData\Roaming\StardewValley) to see if that is the problem but returns, did the save path change?
                          • tccoxon

                            tccoxon Procedurally Generated Programmer

                            I think I know what the issue causing saves not to load is :)

                            These saves all load fine on English systems, just not on certain other languages. This is actually an issue we've encountered and fixed before on consoles, but for whatever reason the fix didn't get merged across with the other console branch features.

                            I've reproduced the bug on a German copy of Windows 10. Once the issue is fixed, you should be able to load these files again.

                            The fix will be up in a few hours. In the meantime, if you really can't wait, setting your system language to English (in Windows' settings, not the game's language setting) should work around it.

                            Edit: It's getting late. New build with fix for the loading issue tomorrow morning.

                            Edit 2: v1.2.1 should fix this issue.
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                            • SergeMorgue

                              SergeMorgue Tentacle Wrangler

                              Well, thank you! I'll report in Portuguese. Could be?

                              Primeiramente, parabéns pela tradução. Irei reportar algumas correções simples ou importantes durante minha jogabilidade.

                              * Texto faltando em VERMELHO.
                              * Texto corrigido em VERDE.
                              Se for de fácil compreensão, continuarei a reportar com essa formatação.

                              • INTRODUÇÃO/CARTA DO VOVÔ:
                              ...farto da vida moderna.
                              muito tempo atrás...

                              • MENU DO JOGO/GERAL
                              ouros = moedas

                              • CANAL DE PREVISÃO DO TEMPO
                              ...seu canal número um sobre o clima = ...seu canal número 1 sobre o clima

                              • VILA PELICANOS
                              Saloon Fruta Estrelar (placa e algumas falas do Gus) = Taberna Fruta Estrelar

                              • ARMAZÉM DO PEDRO
                              Sementes de cove-flor = Sementes de couve-flor
                              Muda de damasco = Muda de damasqueiro

                              • CERCA DE MADEIRA (INFORMAÇÃO DO ITEM)
                              Contém grama e animais = Retém grama e animais

                              • PESCA (QUANDO O ANZOL É PUXADO)
                              Acertou! = Fisgue! ou Puxe!

                              • NOME DE MORADORES
                              Jasmin (nome no retrato) = Jasmim
                              * Mas aconselho respeitosamente a devolver os nomes originais *

                              - Não olhe para mim, estou vermelho e suado = - Não olhe para mim, estou vermelha e suada

                              • MENU DE RESUMO DO DIA
                              Aumentado de nível = Subiu de nível


                              Bom, isso é só um teste pra que eu saiba se vai ser reportado corretamente e bem compreendido. Espero poder ajudar pra que a tradução se refina! :)
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                              • martrial

                                martrial Void-Bound Voyager

                                i like not bad

                                AMEI FINALEMENTE.
                                • Clemerek

                                  Clemerek Void-Bound Voyager

                                  I think I found an interpretation mistake in the spanish translation. It's when Penny says that she's tutoring Vincent and Jas and that they're "a handful" but it's nice to make a difference in their lives. They way I understand that dialogue is that she means that they don't behave well and they're difficult to control, right?. Well, In the spanish version, it's translated as "They're a few" which doesn't make as much sense in that context I believe.

                                  • FakeSama

                                    FakeSama Aquatic Astronaut

                                    Please put the original NPC names in the Portuguese version of the game, we really like the translation, but the names are not very good, we prefer the original names 16388434_1304045066307990_1278969309432388434_n.jpg
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                                    • Anderson

                                      Anderson Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                      Hi. I'm playing the game in Brazilian Portuguese. The translation is awesome, I'm really enjoying playing the game translated.

                                      I only have 2 issues.
                                      1- I can't load saved games, the chuklefish logo appears and then the menu shows up again. Only a new game allows me to keep playing.
                                      2- Not really a issue, but I think the villagers names shouldn't be translated. I started playing in English and I think the process to readapt the new names is a little confusing and boring. I also think the original names much better than the translated. :rofl:

                                      I do not know if the clock position is correct, but apparently it is more in the center than the stable version.

                                      The quality of the translation is very good, really. Keep the good work. Thanks.
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                                      • martrial

                                        martrial Void-Bound Voyager

                                        I loved it though

                                        What I hated

                                        Names changed .. that's all

                                        I am Brazilian and I am excellent but why they changed the names please put the originals again in the translation portugues brazil
                                        • Shiro11

                                          Shiro11 Space Hobo

                                          Return the characters' names to normal! It was better as before, the game is with many bugs also closes alone and does not recharge the old saves, I was disappointed more the translation of the names, there is nothing, I can live in one country and have another's name, this will not disturb !!!
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