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Discussion in 'Mods' started by RobertRevenge, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. RobertRevenge

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    I really have no desire to have children in this game, at least not at this point, and having the largest house forces you to have a nursery in which you cannot remove the beds or crib. It feels like wasted space, is there any way to mod these objects to behave like normal furniture that you can move? I hate having the crib sitting there when I have no intention of using it.
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    • bladedge

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      I feel like we should be able to move any of that stuff in our house. It really is kind of a pain that you can move your bed. And really I feel we are missing out on some things as well. I mean look at the other houses. There are upstairs and downstairs. I would love it if they added other levels and it would be so much better if downstairs had a fully customize kind of thing. Like we get to pick how bid the rooms are how they are set up and even if we wanted more floors down. It would give her more shop stuff like "room block" or tools that can dig out rooms under ground and put it back if you do not like the layout. I feel like that was a huge missed potential. (it would also help the wife not keep getting mad. "uh the house is a mess i can't get where I want." Looks around only having the stuff you can't move in the house not even a table or tv. "ah I will see what I can do?"
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      • BrigadierSpecific

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        Very much seconded.
        In a perfect world you could tell Robin to something other than a nursery, but failing that, I absolutely want to be able to remove the cribs etc.

        I've held off on upgrading my house for exactly this reason, and I'm running out of storage and display space.
        • Ludacryst

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          I plan to have kids in this game but, I do agree, for the time being I would like it if I had that extra storage space, or would like some way to have more house-storage space. Maybe they'll add a basement in a later patch for storage? But I do agree that people shouldn't be forced into kids/lose space over it if they plan to not have them.
          • MissPotato

            MissPotato Big Damn Hero

            The problem with this is the AI dependent things would have to change. IE: Toddler interacting with bed. Spouse interacting with children. The AI is pretty dependent on things being "where they belong." Once AI changes get better, we'll probably see this.
            • Fallingferret

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              On top of this, I'm fairly certain they're map tiles. As much as I want to move all that crap around I don't think it's modable right now. Someone might be able to change the map file to empty the room out, though.
              • RobertRevenge

                RobertRevenge Pangalactic Porcupine

                Ideally I'd prefer if Robin just knocked 10,000 gold off the big house price and the nursery was an additional expansion, or you could pay to have that room converted to a nursery. But I wanted more storage and display space yet now I have to micromanage how I behave around my spouse and have a wasted room.

                Really I wanted to have a nice large house for me and Abigail so I could use stuff like couches and kitchen tables comfortably, but I got punished for that since I didn't know you couldn't move around nursery items.
                • FishnChips

                  FishnChips Void-Bound Voyager

                  I agree. I don't intend on getting children in the game so it would be great if the nursery was an optional expansion/could be converted.
                  • KingJoey

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                    I could probably edit the map file and delete the beds, however if you do decide to have children or whatever you would have to revert to the original .xnb file for your house.

                    Edit: Above was quite easy.

                    There are two files for your house, one for when your married and one for when you aren't. Paste one or both .xnb files in your Stardew Valley/Content/Maps folder. Contains the original files as well if you ever want to revert. You can place furniture where the beds used to be.

                    Edit 2: And on storage space, check out the second floor I added to the mushroom/bat cave on your farm:

                    Feel free to add this to the original post and whatever, just mention me if you go from my mods to do something else with them.
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                    • RobertRevenge

                      RobertRevenge Pangalactic Porcupine

                      THANK YOU SO MUCH
                      • poprocks_and_coke

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                        Thank you SO MUCH for this!!

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