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Mouse Cursor Issue

Discussion in 'Support' started by Francuzis, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Francuzis

    Francuzis Space Hobo

    So this Saturday (April 22) I logged in to play a quick day or two of Stardew Valley (I love this game SO much). Then something odd happened. Whenever I had the cursor over the right or bottom 5 inches, or so, of the screen, the regular desktop mouse would appear over the regular mouse. Whenever I clicked when the mouse was in this form, it tabed me out to desktop (The game was still on and paused, but just tabed out). I tried closing my other tabs and reopening it an it worked ... for a day. The next Stardew morning, it as back, and I haven't been able to fix it since. The real downside to this is that when I do things like click the button to close the shipping box and buy things that are at the bottom of the screen, it takes me out. As a note, I had played two weeks ago and this was the first time I noticed. Has anyone else had this problem and/or does anyone have a solution?

    Thanks. :)
    • RagingSeraphim

      RagingSeraphim Intergalactic Tourist

      "I have a similar, though different, issue. When I'm talking to someone, the cursor disappears, so I can't check their hearts. Yet when I move my mouse around a bunch some things happen, like the numbers of my energy appearing for a split second as I 'mouse over it.' Plus as I go into different windows, like inventory or chests or the money dumpster at the end of the night, the mouse appears in either random places or where they 'should be' for that particular interface. And I know this must be an update issue, because today I discovered when exiting, you can now go to the main menu OR desktop, where yesterday the 'title screen' wasn't an option.

      Edit: Also when you're trying to sleep, when you mouse over the 'no' option, instead of highlighting the option, it does the sound effect so rapidly it sounds like bad static."

      Or at least I WOULD be saying all this if it wasn't an options thing. Yeah, I'm dumb. Like, Markiplier dumb. I unchecked the "controller menu" settings, and things went back to normal. So if the above is happening to you, do that.
        Last edited: Apr 25, 2017
      • Francuzis

        Francuzis Space Hobo

        Well, I tried that and it didn't work, thanks for the advice though. What I also tried was changing it from Fullscreen to Windowed Borderless, and that fixed the problem. The one issue with that solution, however, is that it won't let me change the resolution, which is set unfavorably, when it's in windowed borderless. I can live with this, I suppose, but it was working just find the other way, so if anyone has any suggestions they'd still be appreciated.
        • LaFylnn

          LaFylnn Void-Bound Voyager

          I have a similar issue, usually happens while I'm fishing though, the cursor disappears, and when I start the fishing minigame (i.e. Clicking to keep the green bar behind the fish) for whatever reason no matter when my cursor was originally it suddenly ends up down by my desktop clock or volume and I end up clicking outside the game...

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