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    I'm not a modder myself but I have an idea for a mod that adds a few more skills to the character progression to make it more interesting/rewarding. I'll share this idea hoping someone wants to make a mod for it.

    These skills have to be added to the current available skills that the player can increase (farming, mining, foresting, fishing, and combat). So far, these are three skills that I was thinking about. There could be more (like crafting and collecting bundles) but I haven't thought about how these should be implemented yet. Any thoughts/feedback about how these skills can be better is welcome.

    1: Fitness
    Experience is gained by running
    • Every extra level adds +2% movement speed, allowing for a maximum of 20% bonus.
    • Level 5 professions:
      • Track Runner: additional 5% extra movement speed (for a total maximum 25%)
      • Night owl: allows you to go to bed without a penalty until 2AM
    2: Socializing
    Experience is gained by befriending NPC's/increasing relationships
    • Every extra level increases the affection from gifts by 3 points, allowing for a maximum bonus of 30.
    • Level 5 professions:
      • Charmer: any neutral gift will have the same bonus as a 'liked' gift
      • Sugardaddy: you can give three gifts a week instead of two

    3: Luck
    Experience is gained by doing luck-based events
    • Every extra level increases the chance for a lucky or very lucky day by 2%, allowing for a maximum bonus of 20%
    • Level 5 professions:
      • Lucky bastard: increases the chance for a lucky (luck+2) or very lucky (luck+3) day by an additional 10%
      • Overconfident: never have a very unlucky (luck -3) day anymore

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