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    This is just a really small thing I thought of recently, but one thing that always kinda bothered me was the lack of dialogue and other kinds of sprites in the game.

    Seeing two NPCs just meet up and then just stare at each other is pretty awkward. The whole town would feel so much more alive if people would actually do something other than walking around. I'm not talking about big changes, but for example seeing them laugh or their mouth, head, hand, etc. moving while they're talking to each other would be a nice little touch.

    Another idea I wanted to share is that some changes in the NPCs general behaviour would be cool. For example, they could also say hello to you while your are walking past them, which would also increase your friendship level with them. It wouldn't necessarily have to be an actual dialogue, having NPCs stop you every five steps would obviously get annoying fast, it could just be a bubble above their head simply saying "Hi [player name]!"

    Some NPCs could also seek your presence based on how much they like you at first glance, which would be determined by your appearance or gender or whatever, you get the point. Some people should start off liking you more or even less based on their characters.

    I think all this would give the friendship system a little more depth, but feel free to tell me your opinion in the comments, I'd love to hear your thoughts. This was just a really quick idea that came to my mind, so if you don't like it, that's fine!

    Thanks for reading!
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      I don't know about being sought out but definitely I would love this.
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