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More Hidden Quests?

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Lord_Mallard, Apr 27, 2016.


More hidden quests

  1. Of course

  2. Hidden quests?

  3. Neah I dont need excitement in my life

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  1. Lord_Mallard

    Lord_Mallard Void-Bound Voyager

    When I found the quest under the outpost I was ecstatic, I couldn't wait to find more hidden quests, but sadly i havent yet. Are there anymore of these hidden quests? If not i think their should be. [​IMG]
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  2. Shadow Wolf TJC

    Shadow Wolf TJC Spaceman Spiff

    Sadly, I doubt that there are any more hidden quests as of now, but I'd personally like to see more of them pop up. For example, imagine seeing a stranded explorer on top of an asteroid that's in orbit above a planet, or a lost object that's sunken beneath an ocean of magma or poison, with a quest to return the object to its owner.
  3. General Nuclear

    General Nuclear Supernova

    there are no reason they shouldn't add more hidden qusets everybody knows that players love finding hidden stuff in games and easter eggs

    the best place to hide stuff like that is where the players are not really meant to go or be
  4. Shaadaris

    Shaadaris Giant Laser Beams

    I've noticed some alcoves way up in the edges of the Ark. That would be a great place to put more of these things, assuming they're still there.
    I think it would be kind of cool to make the Mysterious Masked Man's quest the start of a series of hidden quests, where you learn more about why he's on the run, maybe even being able to choose between giving him up to the authorities or helping him more. That mask has to mean something - maybe he's part of some kind of secret society! I dunno.

    But yes, the more unique quests the better. I understand the main story is going to be short, and the sandbox stuff is great, but I'd love there to be more interesting sidequests, questlines, and especially cool hidden stuff. I've always loved easter eggs and secrets.
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