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Should they work on this after the next update?

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    Okay this has probably been posted a ton of times. Maybe too many times but still. Terraria (Please don't get mad because I mentioned Terraria. It's been out for a long time so it has a done alot of stuff right) has quite a few settings that should be in Starbound too for the players who only have potatoes but still want to play the game with semi decent fps for example:
    • Frame Skip. Great for people who deal with alot of "slow mo" in their game. According to the Terraria wiki, it says that it is "provided by XNA, the programming environment that Terraria is developed in." and I'm not sure what "programming environment" Starbound is developed in (or what that even means:nuruconfused:) so I don't know if this is possible.
    • Parallax. Moving backgrounds really hurts the potatoes we use so having the background not move would be great for those who want to enjoy the game while still having backgrounds. For those who don't want backgrounds...
    • Backgrounds. For the really rotten potato users, even having a background will just bake your potato and I don't know if you know this but baking rotten potatoes just smells terrible. "But why don't you use a mod that removes that?" Well, some mods shouldn't be mods. As in they should be in the base game. Plus, those don't work in multiplayer unless the server has the mod too and not everyone wants to play on a server without backgrounds so why not let us toggle them off and on?
    • Storm Effects. This setting could make the rain and sandstorms/blizzards use less particles or turn them off completely. The actual effects like tilled soil getting wet and silt blocks falling from the sky will still continue. (Minecraft players should know what I mean. Except the blocks falling from the sky bit)
    Those are the only ones I could think of that could be easily implemented into the game. I'm not a game developer or even know anything about making games so I could be talking out of my butt when I say that but hey, it seems alot easier than adding a whole new mech system. :nurutease: Maybe. Please let me know what you think and I hope I won't just see "stoP this is NOT terraria or meinKRAFT ok so no" :nuruflirt:
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