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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by STRICKER_HERO, Mar 3, 2017.


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    Would you mind adding more event in the game, because after I beat the game the game are getting bit boring. Add more event and make it interactive not just talking with anyone. Event like chiken fight, horse race, dog contest, snowball fight, swimming and many others. It will be very fun and more exiting. That's all thank you.
    • springacres

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      I agree that more events would be fun, but please no chicken fights (or dog fights either for that matter.) But yes, livestock shows, dog (or cat) shows, horse races... things like that would be fun!
      • Feathered Sparks

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        Honestly, I don't see how simply adding more yearly events would help at all with keeping things from getting repetitive after a time. No matter how many of those events there are, they'd still have already come and gone within the first year, and come and go again in the next. Plus, I think the current setup of two such events per season strikes a good balance of keeping them uncommon enough to be special without being set too far apart.

        That being said, adding more variety to the current events, and perhaps adding other types of events that require different triggers, would certainly help mix things up. Simply giving the villagers a couple possible dialogues for an event (rather than one that's repeated every year, with a new version for whomever you marry after said marriage) would help give you more incentive to talk with everyone every year -- even after you've seen all the dialogues, the fact that any particular one shows up only once every few years means that it isn't as likely to become stale. Other things could be shifted around year-by-year for certain events as well. For example, there could be a small handful of possible maze layouts for Spirit's Eve, a variance in the score you have to beat in the competitions (so some years would be easier and some would be harder, with easier scores being more likely with higher luck and vice versa) to give a greater sense of anticipation to the announcement of the results, or perhaps special character-related changes to events could have a chance of cropping up after viewing an associated heart event (for example, the band sometimes plays at the Luau or the SDV Fair after Sam's 8-heart event, or Shane sometimes shows off his chickens and helps Marnie with her grange display at the Fair after his 8-heart event).

        As for what I mean by "additional types" of events, those are mainly things that have already been mentioned in other threads. There's actually one in discussion right now suggesting possible "minigames" that could be played with the villagers (like how you can play Journey of the Prairie King with Abigail in her 2-heart event, except you would be able to do it more than once), and this thread had a discussion going about possible events that could happen later in the game like love interest/spouse/family events and (my own suggestion) Community Center events. Those kinds of things would incentivize you to stick around more late-game, and would by nature be a little less "predictable" than the yearly events. Maybe some of these events you suggested could fit into one of those categories? (Or heck, the snowball fight could even be an alternative to the fishing competition in the Festival of Ice as one of those aforementioned variations)
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        • sarahjazz

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          Horse races!! In every farm game I ALWAYS looked forward to the horse races! The moment of getting a horse... excitedly waiting for the next race so I could enter it... All the while grooming and riding my horse around so he would be as happy (full hearts) as possible to leave everyone eating my dust!!! :D
          ...There's not really anything you can do with the horse at the moment...

          Perhaps instead of adding new events, you could merge it with the existing events? Like, say, you could bring spare clothes to the Festival of Ice and dress up a blank snowman with them before fishing, and the winner can be announced after the fishing is done. Plus, merging an event where 'you bring something' with an event where 'you don't bring something' makes it easier to keep track of what you need to bring, keeps the events to a tidy 2 per month, and makes the seemingly-quick events longer and more filling!
          Like, horse-races with, say... Maybe with potluck? You only need to bring the food, and the horse automatically appears in the race if you have one. (Plus, the beach is the only place really large enough to host a race ~the forest might be too messy and confusing~), and come on, of course the Governor would want to come see the horse-races, right? (and your horses' speed can be directly linked to how much your horse likes you!)
          (I've noticed that the events, Christmas especially, seem rather quick and short... 'Where'd the day go? Christmas can't be over yet!' :'c )
          • Chris776

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            i've got an idea for that but i will post it on my own created thread sometime today, i dont have much time to be typing a long summary of what would be the idea that i would like to show, but it is related to this topic, i will link your thread and credit you for giving me the lightbulb for a topic.
            • Bleetyz

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              Remember Harvest moon's events where you had to give certain materials to the comunity box or something like this? Well, there, it would be interesting having. Or some events like where you choose whether person to go with you, you could only choose those who you have 1 or more hearts.

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