RELEASED More Crops, Unofficial Continuation

Discussion in 'Mods' started by TenkoKuugen, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. aeksef

    aeksef Void-Bound Voyager

    Alright this is confusing. What am I overwriting with what?

    So I need the original Even More Crops mod and overwrite it with MysticTempest's updated continuation?
    Or just use Mystic Tempest's mod only (with the framework and shopexpanded)?
    And where does the Tea Mod come in?

    Could someone list the order in which I am overwriting things because I am confused with all these downloads.
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    • MysticTempest

      MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

      The only things you need to download are the ones mentioned in this post:

      First, make sure you have SMAPI to run the SMAPI portion of the mod.
      Then download Entoarox Framework, and Shop Expander.

      Then finally download the the updated MoreCropsUnofficialContinuation mod from either the dropbox link, or the attachment on that post. They're the same file, I just wanted to make sure there was a backup.
      Extract the zip file. And, you should see a 'Mods' folder, and a 'Content' folder. Just go into your Stardew Valley game folder and merge/replace the original files/folders with what the mod provides. The folder structure is already properly setup; so it should be easy enough.

      The Tea mod mentioned is because at the beginning of this year I made a Tea mod. However, people wanted to be able to use it with this mod. That led me to creating a compatibility version after TenkoKuugen kindly gave me the go ahead.
      Later on during the recent Localization update that broke a lot of mods. I went ahead, and updated my mods, as well the compatibility version I made. But TenkoKuugen got busy and was fine with someone else taking over, and so users started suggesting alternates.

      I personally felt that this mod should stand on its own; so I made a copy of my updated compatibility version, and removed my Tea mod. That way users will get the original experience, and won't be forced to use mods they don't want to use.
      The only major changes in my update were a few bugfixes, updating to be compatible with v1.2, and adding all the MoreCropsUC data to the other language files. This ensures the mod won't break if a user switches to a non-english language; the only caveat being, that the MoreCropsUC data will still be in English.

      Hope that helps to clarify things.
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      • Flumme

        Flumme Space Penguin Leader

        You wrote this and uploadet here a second Update. Does we need BOTH Updates? The first one and the second one?

        Thanks :)
        • MysticTempest

          MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

          The download on the post you quoted was for missashofoz specifically. They wanted a version without the house requirements. The only file that download contains is the config.json used by the Shop Expander.

          So, just use the downloads found here:
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          • Flumme

            Flumme Space Penguin Leader

            Thanks a lot. :)
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            • aeksef

              aeksef Void-Bound Voyager

              Oooh thank you so much! I was clicking through like 3 different links that all said to do something different so that makes it much easier to understand. I appreciate it!
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              • PanicLedisko

                PanicLedisko Aquatic Astronaut

                So I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything correctly, but whenever I load the game it says "Your Content\Data\ObjectInformation.xnb file seems to be broken or outdated.", am I not getting the most recent content files? Or should I be going somewhere else? I know the last response was almost a month ago, I really want new crop additions but without getting that longevity mod and I noticed this mod had those crops in it without the market system being modded.

                Also I was wondering if it's possible to change the prices of things? Some of the items are priced REALLY weird. Like one avocado sapling is 75 coins right by an avocado that is 75 coins too! But later there's another avocado sapling for sale that's like a couple thousand like most of the other trees. Also there are two "error" items in the shop, anybody know what that's about? If anyone wants screenshops I would be happy to take them and upload them here if that helps
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                • Entoarox

                  Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                  You are using a SDV 1.1 version of Objectinformation.xnb, use a SDV 1.2 compatible version.
                  • PanicLedisko

                    PanicLedisko Aquatic Astronaut

                    This mod replaces that file, so it puts the 1.1 version in there because I've been using the 1.2 version for quite a while now. I'm confused as to why it replaced it if I'm just supposed to use the newest version
                    • Allayna

                      Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                      When using this, my strawberry seeds say, correctly, that the strawberries will grow in 8 days, but they are really growing in 12! How do I fix this?
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                      • Derppo

                        Derppo Orbital Explorer

                        Hi i have a question about the crops. Does the crop only compatible with the traditional keg and preserve jar?
                        i'm asking this because i've just harvested my cotton plantation, and i tried to turn it into cloth with the loom and it can't.
                        • Allayna

                          Allayna Phantasmal Quasar

                          I don't beieve it does, but that would be cool!
                          • lizaryker

                            lizaryker Space Spelunker

                            I'm having a hard time finding your mod. Can you point me to it? the search function keeps coming back as nothing found.
                            • MysticTempest

                              MysticTempest Ketchup Robot

                              Thanks for the heads up, and sorry for the late reply. I've been pretty busy with things. But, I went ahead, and updated the downloads just now. Newly planted crops should show the correct crop growth time. The old crops.yaml file had incorrect growth numbers; so it's been updated with the original game data.

                              The original version of this crops mod never really added much functionality beyond growing the crops. So yea, stuff like cotton in the loom won't work.

                              You can find all my mods in the "Information" tab of my profile, but my Tea one is here:
                              • NoiseMaker00

                                NoiseMaker00 Orbital Explorer

                                It works in my old savegame. Now I started a new game and can not buy this seeds. on 4th spring.
                                what can i do ?
                                • Ichimatsu

                                  Ichimatsu Big Damn Hero

                                  Of the first year? As far as I know you need to meet certain criteria to 'unlock' these seeds at Pierre. Check the spoiler in the very first post!
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                                  • Zaden

                                    Zaden Void-Bound Voyager

                                    you need to post more pictures to appeal more downloader! :avail:D:
                                    • t4k0y4k1

                                      t4k0y4k1 Void-Bound Voyager

                                      hi, thank you for updating this mod... but I have a problem with it... The crops won't show up on CJB item spawner, can you make it compatible with it?

                                      note : I'm using xnbloader so it won't overwrite the vanilla crops.xnb... is it affecting it?

                                      edit : sorry, it's working now... I forgot to copy it to content folder...
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                                      • Shmooey

                                        Shmooey Tentacle Wrangler

                                        I've been getting the error flag about the ObjectInformation.xnb file and SMAPI is throwing all kinds of red error messages about Shops Extender as well. Plus, I had some trouble using Chests Anywhere with this mod and Shops Extender. Your mod sounds like a great idea but if it doesn't work...
                                        • Ichimatsu

                                          Ichimatsu Big Damn Hero

                                          I've been using this mod for ages. Have +40 mods including the ones you mentioned and have NEVER had a problem that wasn't a derp on my part. If it doesn't work for you, well, you MIGHT be doing something wrong...
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