RELEASED More Crops, Unofficial Continuation

Discussion in 'Mods' started by TenkoKuugen, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. TenkoKuugen

    TenkoKuugen Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This mod doesn't add recipes. The items exist in objectinformation but I honestly don't know how you get them.
    • CyclopsDragon

      CyclopsDragon Void-Bound Voyager

      I added this mod and loaded up my Year 4 file; I've met all the conditions for all of the crops and trees (both keys, married, cellar constructed), but Pierre's store doesn't have the Lime Sapling available to purchase. Am I missing something here?
      • Entoarox

        Entoarox Oxygen Tank

        • Catterhorst

          Catterhorst Seal Broken

          I added the mod, installed entoarox framework and the shop expander, but my game crashes just about a minute after starting, this is the error I get:

          [16:48:20 INFO SMAPI] SMAPI 1.9-beta.12 with Stardew Valley 1.2.14 on Microsoft Windows 10 Home
          [16:48:20 DEBUG SMAPI] Mods go here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods
          [16:48:20 DEBUG SMAPI] Loading SMAPI...
          [16:48:21 DEBUG SMAPI] Loading game...
          [16:48:21 DEBUG SMAPI] Loading mods...
          [16:48:22 TRACE SMAPI] Loading EntoaroxFramework.dll (rewritten in memory)...
          [16:48:23 INFO SMAPI] Loaded Entoarox Framework by Entoarox, v1.6.5 | A framework to make stardew modding easier!
          [16:48:23 TRACE SMAPI] Loading ShopExpander.dll (rewritten in memory)...
          [16:48:23 INFO SMAPI] Loaded Shop Expander by Entoarox, v1.5.1 | Adds bulk options for wood & stone to the carpenter.
          [16:48:23 TRACE SMAPI] Loading TrainerMod.dll...
          [16:48:23 INFO SMAPI] Loaded Trainer Mod by SMAPI, v1.9 | Adds SMAPI console commands that let you manipulate the game.
          [16:48:23 TRACE Entoarox Framework] The loader has been detected as being the `SMAPI` loader
          [16:48:23 TRACE Entoarox Framework] Registering framework events...
          [16:48:23 WARN SMAPI] Entoarox Framework used Command.RegisterCommand, which is deprecated since SMAPI 1.9. This will break in a future version of SMAPI.
          [16:48:24 INFO Entoarox Framework] Framework has finished!

          [16:48:24 DEBUG SMAPI] Loaded 3 mods.
          [16:48:24 DEBUG SMAPI] Starting game...
          [16:48:25 DEBUG SMAPI] Starting console...
          [16:48:25 INFO SMAPI] Type 'help' for help, or 'help <cmd>' for a command's usage
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(111 Wood:388@Robin,111*9,'year=1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(111 Stone:390@Robin,111*9,'year=1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(333 Wood:388@Robin,333*3,'earthquake')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(333 Stone:390@Robin,333*3,'earthquake')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(999 Wood:388@Robin,999*1,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(999 Stone:390@Robin,999*1,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Parsnip Seeds:472@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Bean Starter:473@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Cauliflower Seeds:474@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Potato Seeds:475@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Tulip Bulb:427@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Jazz Seeds:429@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Kale Seeds:477@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Tomato Seeds:480@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Pepper Seeds:482@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Wheat Seeds:483@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Radish Seeds:484@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Melon Seeds:479@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Hops Starter:302@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Algae Soup:456@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Spangle Seeds:455@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Corn Seeds:487@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Eggplant Seeds:488@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Pumpkin Seeds:490@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Amaranth Seeds:299@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Grape Starter:301@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Yam Seeds:492@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Bok Choy Seeds:491@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Cranberry Seeds:493@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(10 Fairy Seeds:425@Pierre,10*99,'year=1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Parsnip Seeds:472@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Bean Starter:473@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Cauliflower Seeds:474@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Potato Seeds:475@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Tulip Bulb:427@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Jazz Seeds:429@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Kale Seeds:477@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Garlic Seeds:476@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Tomato Seeds:480@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Pepper Seeds:482@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Wheat Seeds:483@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Radish Seeds:484@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Melon Seeds:479@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Hops Starter:302@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Algae Soup:456@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Spangle Seeds:455@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Red Cabbage Seeds:485@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Corn Seeds:487@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Eggplant Seeds:488@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Pumpkin Seeds:490@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Amaranth Seeds:299@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Grape Starter:301@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Yam Seeds:492@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Bok Choy Seeds:491@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Cranberry Seeds:493@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Fairy Seeds:425@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(50 Artichoke Seeds:489@Pierre,50*19,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Copper Seeds:797@Pierre,1*999,'earthquake')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Iron Seeds:798@Pierre,1*999,'earthquake')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Gold Seeds:799@Pierre,1*999,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Coal Seeds:800@Pierre,1*999,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Iridium Seeds:801@Pierre,1*999,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Violet Seeds:816@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Lettuce Seeds:819@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,summer')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Red Pepper Seeds:821@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Watermelon Seeds:826@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,married')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Canary Melon Seeds:828@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,married')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Money Seeds:836@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,clubMember')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Pineaple Seeds:838@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Cucumber Seeds:840@Pierre,1*999,'rustyKey')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Cotton Seeds:842@Pierre,1*999,'rustyKey')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Rice Seeds:843@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,houselevel=3')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Purple Sweet Potato Seeds:850@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,fall')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Sugar Seeds:851@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,houselevel=3')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Flour Seeds:852@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,houselevel=3')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Oil Seeds:853@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,houselevel=3')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Vinegar Seeds:854@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,houselevel=3')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Cassava Seeds:863@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,weatherSun')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Onion Seeds:864@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,weatherRain')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Carrot Seeds:865@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,dwarfSpeak')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Pink Cat Seeds:868@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,spring,married')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Blue Mist Seeds:871@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,summer,married')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Beef Seeds:872@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,!winter,married')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Sugar Cane Seeds:876@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,summer,married')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Coffee Seeds:877@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,houselevel=3,married,spring')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Peanut Seeds:879@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,fall,married,houselevel=3')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Copper Sapling:802@Pierre,1*999,'earthquake')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Iron Sapling:803@Pierre,1*999,'earthquake')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Gold Sapling:804@Pierre,1*999,'earthquake')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Coal Sapling:805@Pierre,1*999,'earthquake')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Iridium Sapling:806@Pierre,1*999,'winter')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Bacon Sapling:811@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,married,weatherSun')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Cocoa Sapling:812@Pierre,1*999,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Papaya Sapling:824@Pierre,1*999,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Lemon Sapling:832@Pierre,1*999,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Olive Sapling:833@Pierre,1*999,'year>1')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Banana Sapling:834@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,clubMember')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Dragon Fruit Sapling:846@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,clubMember')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Avocado Sapling:848@Pierre,1*999,'rustyKey')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Fig Sapling:856@Pierre,1*999,'rustyKey')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Pear Sapling:858@Pierre,1*999,'year>1,married')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Persimmon Sapling:860@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,married')
          [16:48:25 TRACE Shop Expander] RegisterObject(1 Lime Sapling:861@Pierre,1*999,'year>2,houselevel=3,married')

          Not sure what is wrong though, since I have the latest versions :/
          • GARRthePIRATE

            GARRthePIRATE Big Damn Hero

            So awesome! Had this on my first play through! So glad to see it revived.
            • MysticTempest

              MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

              @Catterhorst , It looks like you're in the Beta. Due to changes introduced for the Localization; this, and other similar mods will need to be updated. If you switch back to v1.1 of the game, and the non-Beta SMAPI you'll be good to go. Otherwise, you'll have to wait for an update.
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              • tearful0eye

                tearful0eye Void-Bound Voyager

                i love this mod so much! thanks for updating and maintaining it :) it's a lot more fun doing a second playthrough with all those new seeds & saplings.
                i've actually had the same problem with the lime tree sapling as CyclopsDragon - and i've had the same problem with all the other seeds that needed the third house update. I have the cellar, but they still didn't show up somehow & i couldn't find the error... i tried it with removing the house=3 condition and now everything works.

                (also: those new ingredients really make me want to cook more things. & even though i'm a complete newbie at modding i'm now trying my hand at adding a few recipes, it's fun!)
                • Catterhorst

                  Catterhorst Seal Broken

                  @MysticTempest thanks, wasn´t aware of that! I downgraded now to the 1.1 version but still get an error unfortunately :/ I want this to work so bad, would be my third playthrough, haha :D

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                  • MysticTempest

                    MysticTempest Spaceman Spiff

                    It looks like it's using the vanilla ObjectInformation file. Reinstall this mod, and the 'Content' folder will update the relevant XNB files.
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                    • Catterhorst

                      Catterhorst Seal Broken

                      @MysticTempest It finally works!!! :D Thank you so much for your help! :)
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                      • walpichan

                        walpichan Void-Bound Voyager

                        Would you be willing to add cherry blossom trees with harvestable cherry blossoms? :D that would be awesome!
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                        • ShneekeyTheLost

                          ShneekeyTheLost Master Astronaut

                          The amazing Entoarox has just released a new mod called XNB Loader. In effect, instead of forcing players to do .xnb overwrites, you can direct them to put the Content folder here instead, and it'll work just fine. Far less invasive, and less of a hassle if someone has to Verify Integrity then wonders why it suddenly won't work. I highly recommend it for any mod author who directs users to do XNB swaps in addition to a Mods folder.
                          • TheWiseOne13

                            TheWiseOne13 Void-Bound Voyager

                            Hi, I was wondering if someone could tell all the cooked items (i.e. cooked bacon) that currently don't have a recipe and their id or a way to get it... It bugs me that they are there but don't have a recipe so I am going to try to make a mod to cook the bacon or process unprocessed goods from this mod to processed good. For example maybe cotton into cloth if it's not op... bacon and beef to cooked variants... etc. However I don't have a lot of free time so any help goes a long way, Thanks :)

                            Also to the wonderful author of this mod thanks for all your work and assuming I'm able to make it, would it be ok to upload it to the nexus or here?
                            Thanks :)

                            Edit- Nvm official WIP, again though, would like confirmation it would be ok to publish an add on, Thanks :)
                              Last edited: Mar 25, 2017
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                            • CaptainFoxx

                              CaptainFoxx Pangalactic Porcupine

                              there seems to be a slight conflict the coffee beans in this mod with the vanilla coffee beans in the 1.1 patch, this seems highly redundant and I think the modded coffee should be removed
                              • TheWiseOne13

                                TheWiseOne13 Void-Bound Voyager

                                Not sure why but for some reason my gold plant seems to plant iron... :/ can post log if needed not sure if it will help though
                                • demonhunter352

                                  demonhunter352 Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                  Heya. The update to SDV1.2 has resulted in this mod's ObjectInformation.xnb being incompatible, causing the game to freeze when trying to mouse over seeds in the inventory (vanilla seeds, not just modded seeds). Log >here<.
                                  • RTGOAT

                                    RTGOAT Cosmic Narwhal


                                    Look up my mod "Longevity"
                                    There are quite a bit more features than just MCM, however, they are all optional.

                                    You could just use MCM if you wanted.
                                    • Cools McFrosty

                                      Cools McFrosty Void-Bound Voyager

                                      This file is also causing the game to freeze when I open a chest.
                                      • Entoarox

                                        Entoarox Oxygen Tank

                                        Then dont use it! Its a outdated mod, wait until they update it....
                                        • ekffie

                                          ekffie Phantasmal Quasar

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