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    I have no modding experience and honestly it's a bit of a miracle I've been able to set up Stardew Valley for modding. I was going through all the mods that exist because I was bored and then it hit me. I WANT THIS MOD. That mod being one that replaces the town mayor with Justin Trudeau just a simple sprite+portrait change (I'm not actually sure if it's simple as I've never modded) If someone with the abilities wants to help me out please do.

    Side Note: Not sure if this was the right section to this leave post in. If you know of a better one please let me know, not only would it get this sorted and out of people's way it could help me get the mayor Stardew Valley deserves.

    Side Note #2: A less realistic mod idea, any old more game play/location mods (why are so little being made if every one earth and their grandma owns this game?) OR one that adds more magic things into the game, found it a little disappointing that the wizard only did a couple things with magic and would love to see more magic implemented.

    If someone could just give me an idea and/or really anything that could let me do this it would open up modding for me. I have enough artistic talent to make the sprites myself (just enough) just no clue how. Any help is welcome.
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      Hahahaha, Trudeau, that's funny. I like it.

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