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  1. MoonyJello

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    Will sprite sheets n' what not be released or will we have to rip them?
    I wanna start on my race early.
  2. Supergeek

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    Look in the folders in /assets/. All the graphics for everything are in there in various directories as far as I can tell.

    Everyone should look through /assets/ and try to be familiar with what's in there, in general, if you want to mod.
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  3. YukiTrance

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    Heylo. Me again. Found out I'll have a little more time tonight. But tomorrow I have to stay at a hospital for the weekend.
  4. Phaze

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    Trying to find the identifier tech recipes use in the save file. Blueprints are stored as <itemname>-recipe but when I modify that to something like doublejump-recipe or doublejumpTech-recipe it gets converted into a generic item. I haven't found a tech blueprint in game yet so I have nothing to check against. Does anyone have one they didn't consume that's still in their inventory? I'd like to take a look.

    Also the save file is heavily reliant on lengths, but it's a fairly easy to decipher format. Around address 0x0c has to do with the total length of the file, around 0x290 is the length of the inventory items. Then inventory items are stored in a way that's basically:

    <Length Of String> <String [Length of previous byte> <Amount> 07 00

    EDIT: Found a chip, item name is <techname>Tech-chip
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  5. Veav

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    I'm sad. I think drop behaviors are buried in the actual C++. So I can tell a guy to use a different drop pool, I can stock a guy's drop pool, but I can't tell him to drop exactly what he's carrying because everything is instructed either to drop randomly (pick a card) or explicitly (boss always drops boss thing), but not relatively (check the npc instance for details). :(

    What I might be able to puzzle out is how to make it spawn objects on death... if I could find an example of objects being spawned. Grr.
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