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Discussion in 'Mods' started by irrimn, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. irrimn

    irrimn Pangalactic Porcupine

    So this mod idea is pretty simple with one option that could make it more complicated.

    So, basically the way skills work is that each level gives you a small benefit to the skill... like, using a tool takes less energy, higher quality items are found, more ores and gems, or for fishing your fishing bar gets bigger. And these skill levels also allow you to eat food which increases these levels to give you a bigger bonus than you can obtain otherwise because the game stops your skills from leveling past level 10.

    So this mod would remove that limit and set it to 20, 30, or not even have a limit and just make it take exponentially more exp per level until leveling is unrealistic. This way people can keep doing whatever they like the most and continue to receive benefit.

    As an additional caveat, it would be nice if at each multiple of 5 levels if you got to choose a new skill as well (since it doesn't seem like the game has any limit to how many skills can be activated).

    This would potentially work like this (although there are other ways that it could be done too):

    Level 5: Choose your first tier-1 skill. (As currently is, you must choose which skill.)
    Level 10: Choose your first tier-2 skill. (As currently is, you must choose which skill.)
    Level 15: Obtain the second tier-2 skill. (No choice needed since there is only 1 other tier-2 skill for the path you are on.)
    Level 20: Obtain the second tier-1 skill (No choice needed since there is only 1 other tier-1 skill.)
    Level 25: Obtain your third tier-2 skill (Must choose between the two options of the second tier-1 skill choice.)
    Level 30: Obtain the fourth tier-2 skill (No choice since there is only 1 skill left.)

    Thanks for reading.
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    • Xerxius

      Xerxius Seal Broken

      I love levels and xp systems. I also like to have a character "maxed out".

      The really important thing when it comes to these kinds of systems is that it remains balanced when it comes to levels over time.
      I think I would prefer a hard cap at 30 and that it would take about an in-game-year to get 5-10 levels (after the first 10).
      Having a character "maxed out" after three to six years makes it possible to start with a new character without feeling that you've lost too much progress (in case of save game corruption or wanting to restart the story).

      I also feel that the 4 unchosen skills are kind of "wasted" in vanilla :c
      • xFishbone

        xFishbone Cosmic Narwhal

        okay.. well...
        letting u choose the other skills will require a lot of rework due to how they are saved in the save files.

        if ur at tier 2, it only saves which tier 2 skill you picked.
        changing it will require a change in how the game tries to parse the save file.

        i doubt even SMAPI can do that.

        that said, the +1 to skill levels from each level up shouldnt be *too* hard, and they are working on an even more powerful modding framework than SMAPI so there's still hope =D
        • cantorsdust

          cantorsdust Existential Complex

          Would be difficult to do under SMAPI as levels are hard-coded. Should be doable with overrides using Storm. Give it another week.
          • xFishbone

            xFishbone Cosmic Narwhal

            okay just tried editing the save file.

            seems the game plays quite nicely even if you give your self both t1 skills for example.
            havent tested what happens if you give yourself multiple copies of the same skill.
            • Seha

              Seha Seal Broken

              xD I prefer no level limits, used to play a private server of a game where the owner added so many levels to the game it was practically endless. :rofl: Was so much fun.
              • tomatix

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              • Seha

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