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    Hey there! :)

    I'm not sure, if this is the right place to put this, so please correct me if I'm wrong here or if this breaks any rules! <3
    (I don't think this counts as advertisement. Plus everything is open-source so you can check my code if you want to. #noBadIntentionsHere)

    Since I came across the repeating task of copying the mods from the Steam workshop to the Starbound mods directory, I decided to code a little tool to make it easier (and less repetitive) to do so.
    At first, I used it myself and gave the application to a friend.
    Everything went well and I tested around with it some more.

    Now, here I am, wanting to share my program with you! :nuruflirt:
    I created a Github repository for you to download the program or compile it yourself. It's up to you.
    I also added a little tutorial, so it's simple to get used to it.

    I hope this helps to reduce the effort, when updating mods from the workshop. :nuruhappy:

    Kind regards to the whole community
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