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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Skinflint, Jan 5, 2020.

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    My iPad Pro is perfectly capable of generating a walkthrough video of my farm and taking screenshots over time to then make into GIFs but because zoom is controlled by pinch with no ability to dial in at precise values, the sub-pixel rendering of everything is functionally impossible to get consistent. It's also incredibly annoying that every time I restart my device my zoom level is lost. I see that normal versions of the game on YouTube give proper zoom chunks that map exactly to proportions of the assets themselves, i.e. 75%, 50%, 25% for zooming out, and actually I'd need zooming _in_ as well because I want a specific width for my screen of fewer tiles than the default zoom level, in 25% increments should hopefully be good enough. I want to contribute to the Stardew community as a fully-fledged member, and the only reasons that's impossible are entirely fixable on your end, so please, I ask you, implement proportioned zooming and remember the setting until the player changes it.

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