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    There is a fairly wide world games that are legitimately good buried in all the cheap cashgrabs, clones, shovelware, and trojans.

    I tend to avoid/lose interest in RPGs that have gatcha systems or card-characters so stuff like Fate/Grand Order, Kingdom Hearts Chi, Tales of the Rays, DigimonLinks, Fire Emblem, and so on may draw me in but... let me tell you: I am very glad they are free. It means I don't lose any cash on any of them.

    Important: PlayStoreSales and similar sites will be your best friend. There's a lot of games that start off costing a fair sum but go on sale. Some go on sale frequently. Some games even go temporarily free.

    Freebies that I legitimately enjoyed:
    • Anything by Urara-Works. Fairune especially, which went according to memory browser -> mobile -> paid on Nintendo systems.
    • Castaway Paradise. Until Animal Crossing made their own mobile game this was my go-to for mobile Animal Crossing. "Seabeard" too but mostly this.
    • Mystic Messenger. VNs might put people off, especially ones that pretend to be chatrooms, but it works... even if I wanna punch my character.
    • Ophidia. Essentially a modern take on the old Snake game.
    • Fallen London. I love this even as I hate this. Plus if you play or are interested in Sunless Sea, you get old-save bonuses for playing Fallen London.
    • Zen Koi and Zen Koi 2. A little like Snake where you nom items to grow and change but it has a breeding aspect to your fishies to create and spawn more of other colors. It claims to be calming but for me it is anything but calming. Go figure.
    • Void Pyramid which has been ported from itch io / mobile to Steam but is still free even there. Essentially a dungeon crawling RPG that plays like a roguelike without the actual roguelike or proc-gen map. Bit of a weird mix of Sci-Fi, Ancient Egyptian, and Fantasy RPGs.
    • The Cube Escape series by Rusty Lake, Creepy point-and-click adventures without overt gore, a little violence, and in a few titles a bit of a rush aspect and jumpscares. Otherwise it is good work and I happily paid money for the two standalone-but-connected titles by the developer. There are about 9 titles in the series so you have plenty of free games to play with here alone.
    • Super Cat Bros. Rather cute little platformer level game in the vein of Super Mario without aping the series.
    • Pinball!!! That is the exact title. Mobile snowball and snow-fort based pinball game.
    • PinOut. Another pinball game though this is closer to a pinball runner than a single table.
    • Armory & Machine. This, Candybox 2, A Dark Room, and SPACEPLAN are all miles better than most of the clicker games you see cluttering up the mobile (and Steam) store. Armory seems to borrow the mood from A Dark Room but it remains its own thing.
    • Can You Escape Fate? Can You Escape Love? Word of warning: clunky and vaguely creepy, and the developer has some rather odd choices in other games. But these are two fairly solid escape-the-rooms.
    • The Prison Boys. My biggest complaint here is the wait between each chapter after a point. However it is an interesting and very unusual sort of VN adventure game.
    • The Frostrune by Snow Canon Games. I believe it has been ported to the PC as a paid title since then but it is a different setting for a Point-and-Click Adventure.
    Fun free puzzle games of varying styles
    • Transmission (by Science Museum). This originally was a browser game but having it portable is a nice change of pace from most games. Its just another linking dots game but it has a bunch of mechanics that change it up as you progress.
    • The Conceptis puzzle games, though I prefer Hashi and Cross-A-Pix and Fill-A-Pix. Although they want money for all the dozens of extra packets, you get free new puzzles every week so you don't have to spend a penny.
    • Balance (by Statnett). It is an energy-puzzle game where you are linking up SimCity blocks to the power grid. Most annoying when something wrecks your setup and you have to adjust the power flow to compensate.
    • Sigils of Elohim. A kind of tie-in to Talos Principle. Clearing each row of puzzles gets you a different reward for Talos. Not that they are very important but it is a nice little gift for bothering to beat the game.
    • The Path to Luma.
    A few give you a free taste but charge for more.
    • Layton Brothers Mystery Room. This is closer to what I imagined the Pheonix Wright / Professor Layton crossover game would feel like. Detectiving with an unfortunate dearth of puzzles but it is very satisfying to get the answer even if it is frustrating when you make intuitive leaps in logic and know how it was done even if you can't prove it the way the game wants you to.
    • EvoCreo. It is a NotPokemon game that is actually very good in every aspect. Although there is the Lite version for those uncertain but the Paid version is very cheap.
    • Faraway 1 and 2 by Snapbreak. Escape the Room puzzle titles. It is cheaper to get the full sets as opposed to the separate packs but all in all you're getting about 9 levels after clearing 6 or 9 (memory is a bit fuzzy, sorry). The real challenge for me is figuring out how to get the third hidden item in each level. Most things are a snap.
    Fully paid titles:
    • Ghosts of Memories
    • The Lifeline series, though some titles were better than others.
    • Attack the Light. Even if you're not as familiar with Steven Universe, this is a nice little RPG.
    • Rusty Lake: Roots and Rusty Lake Hotel. I mentioned the Cube Escape series above but Hotel is delightfully wicked with a change of pace from the rest of the series while Roots explains some things that happened in the Cube Escape series.
    • Lara Croft GO. I wish I could say Hitman GO and Deus Ex GO too but this has the right balance of puzzles, look, and plot. The plot is presented without words so you don't have to tredge through an excuse plot like Deus Ex GO while Hitman GO is just a boardgame. The puzzles are more complex in Deus Ex (in fact, too complex) while Hitman is very simple which can be nice in its own way.
    • The Room series one to three by Fireproof Games. The first two titles have been ported to the PC but if you get them on sale it is all cheaper than just one of the titles on the PC. Somewhere between Room Escape and a more open Point-and-Click Adventure. Somewhat creepy, only jumpscare I recall happened in 2 or 3, but very solid and varied puzzles with each title having a lot to do.
    • Devil's Attorney fills a void I never knew existed in the wake of Phoenix Wright. It is not as good in some respects but it is nice enough and I got it cheap enough.
    • Agent A. Last I checked it was still waiting on the next update Chapter 4 is finally out but it is a very nice Escape the Room-ish game where you are a James Bond type of character pursuing a Carmen Sandiego.
    • A Good Snowman is Hard to Build. This has been ported to the PC but it works just fine here too.
    • After the End: Forsaken Destiny
    Forget if it was paid or not.
    • AsterMiner, a slower adventure/puzzle game but I think you speed up the more items you find so that helps.
    • The Secret of the Necromancer. Several different styles of games within one title, I remember getting stuck on the Classic P&C part.
    • The Frostrune by Snow Canon Games. I believe it has been ported to the PC as a paid title since then but it is a different setting for a Point-and-Click Adventure.

    I wish I could get ChemCaper to work. Chemistry-based Monster-making RPG is just too keen of an idea to ignore.

    Edit: The Phoenix Wright games are on sale as I type this, as is A Good Snowman is Hard to Build, and The Westport Incident (think Papers, Please but with newspaper articles), while Frostrune is free.
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    a rust like game that you can play on both your phone and on a computer (shareing the same charter on both so you can go from one to the other and back) that i play is mystera legacy. it's a real neat game although world texas is the cancer would while world east is the desent world to play on. the only problem on every world is that there is not that much space to make a decent base unless you join a tribe.
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    You can Also download Gamee where you cand find more lets say "Small" games for the way and its time wasting too
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    Mobile games have changed a LOT since those 'hurr durr' days that you mentioned. Anyone who still treats the idea of someone playing games on their phone like that just isn't educated enough on the topic. :giggle:

    I've played a LOT of mobile games over the years - admittedly though almost all of them have just been things to chew time and little side games I do. Pretty much games that you'd only play when you can't play a game on the computer or a console (when on public transport, in a classroom, laying in bed, etc etc). But at the end of the day that's all mobile games are really built for as of now. There are some ambitious mobile games such as certain MMOs and MOBAs but they won't be able to overthrow desktop games, at least not for a LONG time.

    Here are some games that I've played in the past couple of years. Also keep in mind, I'm not adding games to this list if I only played them for a day and deleted them. I also might be forgetting some:
    • Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Links
    • Clash Royale
    • Pokémon Duel
    • Pokémon Go (haven't played it in a LONG time but it's definitely still a big title and worth mentioning despite the backlash it got)
    • GrowStone Online
    • GBA Emulator (technically not a 'mobile game' but it allows you to play hundreds of old games)
    • Bloons TD Battles
    • Pocket Mortys
    • Last Day on Earth: Survival
    • Island Survival
    • Albion Online (although I wouldn't recommend this unless you already play the desktop version - also this MMO has died down quite a bit since release)
    • Bit Heroes
    • Super Mario Run
    • The World of Magic (Pixel MMO)
    • Fire Emblem Heroes
    • Crossy Road
    • RPG MO
    • EvoCreo
    • A lot of .io games also have their own apps too

    Most people won't enjoy ALL the games there, I wouldn't expect them too but I'd be surprised if you tried all of those games and didn't find at least one or two gems.

    Also on a side note: Runescape has been working on their mobile client for a while now and it's planned for release at some time within the next 12 months. So if you either play or used to play Runescape that's definitely something to keep an eye on.

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