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Discussion in 'Mods' started by MizuJakkaru, Aug 15, 2017.

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    Any new recipes please?!
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      Dang, you are a dynamo!
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        Hey Mizu any possibility we could see Wormwood and Jalapeno placed in soon? I'm currently in the process of developing an expanded Artisan Goods + Fermentation mod with the Butter Churn, Glass Jar, and Foreign Cask + the expanded options for the Loom, Keg, and Oil Maker.
        • MizuJakkaru

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          I'm back;;;; Sorry to have been away so long! I will work on updating my documentation this week. I have a few things finished in the interim that didn't make it here.

          @DaBrixster I've put those crops on my short list! ^^ I'll have them done this weekend~ I also have a Foreign Cask sprite that I need to put up here.
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            Wow, nice job!
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              Well, I do not see it so bad, it was time for someone to do this sooner or later for Json Assets seeing that the rest were still taking so much making some sprites compatible with each other, but yes, I think the best thing is to tell him and remind him to credit you and Amburr (and something more).
              • MizuJakkaru

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                Oof, this probably somehow an oversight on my part, and you have my apologies, though I was unaware this had occurred until now.

                @Amburr made me aware of folks working on porting our stuff to Json Assets and I gave it my okay, since I'm okay with anyone using my sprites and repurposing them for whatever they want. However, they'd worked off of my original documentation sheet for Herbal Crops+Cornucopia that had additional but unfinished crops and recipes, and this had the recipes and such for your teas, tea bags, and tea box on there, since you'd given Amburr the go on including it in Herbal Crops. That's likely where this came from, since this happened while I was dealing with family issues over the fall and winter and when I came back I'd forgotten those were on the sheet they'd taken over on and they were under the impression everything on my original document had been open source.

                Paradigm/infectmeinjectme has said they'll make unique recipes based on the sprites instead of copying yours and remove the tea bags and box, but as far as I'm aware, all the coding has been done by hand since it's a new tool/they're not porting things whole sale/I don't think they nabbed anyone's code so much as they made a crops mod using the same sprites as Herbal+Cornucopia was going to have. I admit to not knowing squat about coding, though.

                As far as I know at this point, Cornucopia+Herbal Crops is being rolled into this Json Assets mod, ahah, since they vastly expanded upon it and Amburr seems to be helping them.
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                  Ah okay.

                  Yea, it didn't seem like it was something official. I know you & Amburr were still working on stuff, so it seemed like someone had jumped in impatiently to create it. I just heard word of it recently after replying to lannihamm's thread, and telling them to wait since y'all were still working on the combined mod. Someone messaged me that that was an alternative.
                  So it was news to me.

                  If you two gave them the okay to port the Herbal Crops+Cornucopia mod data to the JSON stuff. Then I don't mind them continuing to use my Tea mod data as is. We just need to see about having them add Amburr, & I along with our mod topics to the appropriate credits. That's really the biggest issue.
                  Code wise; json assets moves what was(or could have been) XNB data into data that is a bit more portable for players. So, Paradigm's version is at least, of what I've seen so far; an exact implementation of the code from your document.

                  Thanks for the heads up.
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                    Has anyone made a mod for the machines yet? They're so cool!
                    • SpringsSong

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                      Working on it slowly but surely. :3
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                      • Rummor

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                        @MizuJakkaru hi mizu , im new on stardew valley for modding . r u still work for this mod ? ._. i love u sprites , but idk how different this mod with on the nexus mod ? if i install on the nexus mod , whether to must intall this mod also ? sorry for my english :catnod:
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                          I need to download the artisan goods sprites for a mod. I thought the link would just bring me to where I can get them, but it brought me here! And certain things in the mod don't show up unless I have the sprites! Someone put a link to download them plz? ( remember, ONLY the artisan goods/machines or whatever, that's all I need ). If anyone's wondering, the mods that won't work without the sprites are "Even more recipes" and "Starbrew valley" on Nexus mods, because apparently artisan valley needs these sprites, and it sets off like a chain reaction or something

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