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Missing baby?

Discussion in 'Support' started by 420paganmama, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. 420paganmama

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    EDIT- sorry i dont know how to delete this but baby showed up on the third day instead of second!

    hey everyone, first off i have the xbox one version and no internet connections so no updates or multiplayer or mods or anything.

    Abigail and i finally decided to adopt! However, the night the baby arrived i fainted at 2am. No baby in the crib like other people reporting this issue, however Abigail is all "Amara this, Amara that" (what i named baby girl) i checked the upper left of the house, no baby stuck in the wall. So i finished out the day and went to sleep (on time) next morning abby is still gushing about the new baby, but it still isnt in the crib?!

    I read about the miscarrage glitch as much as i could before posting this but everyone who said their spouce talked about baby by name, the glitch was fixed next day and there was baby! But people who say the baby just never showed up never mentioned their spouce still talking about the kid, just that they continued on as normal and eventually reasked the question and tried again, but never outright mention a miscarrage. which if were lesbians adopting, wouldnt the agency of just like, changed their mind, or the birth mom changed her mind instead of a miscarrage? Lol thats just my ramblings ignore that last bit.

    Just, does anyone know if my baby is gonna eventually pop up? Or she gonna talk about wondering how our rainbow baby will grow up for the rest of our marriage? Cuz if so ill just restart my whole game (cant go back past most recent save on xbox) even if i AM days away from year three
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