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    When I was 17 I gained a hobby to classic NES and SNES music. Since I was small, I remember humming all the themes to all my favorite games. Actually turning it to how I imagined them makes me happy and I share that Happiness to others with my soundcloud.

    This thread is so I can post my music. I do like feedback, I am half-deaf so sometimes I don't get something right in the creation. I also will take requests as this is something I do as a free hobbyX3.

    As this is the Chucklefish Forums.. I should start our journey with this:

    I play so much Stardew Valley that the title theme made it into my head and I was able to recreate it with real instruments.


    Metroid is a recognizable game. And making an orchestration of a few of the songs made sense to me.


    I do some Remixes as well. It depends on my mood.

    And Finally.. a video from my group YT channel to show how it looks before posting it.
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