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Bug/Issue Mirna Pet Scene repeats every time I enter the Farm including from the house. Still No Pet.

Discussion in 'Support' started by MegaMega, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. MegaMega

    MegaMega Space Hobo

    Around the 10th or 12 I was given the chance to adopt the pet. I noticed something funky with naming the thing. If you capitalize a letter fewer letters are able to fit in the name box. So the total number of characters can be extended if you use smaller letters like iiiiii vs BBBBBB Both 6 characters but takes up different amounts of space. I wonder if I extended past a character limit because of this and this somehow prevents the change from not having a pet to having a pet.

    Expected Behavior: Finish the pet acquisition scene and acquire pet.
    Actual Behavior: 1st time the event happened (10-12th), no pet existed. Not even in the menu screen. Days went by with no pet or repeat of the scene. Since the 20th of Spring, every time the "Farm" zone is entered, the scene repeats as if I had just left the house. The pet never arrives.

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