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Outdated MiniGuns 1.3

Big guns with a high rate of fire!

  1. intrepid-explorer

    intrepid-explorer Phantasmal Quasar

    Weird. Try downloading again from the Overview tab of this mod...the file name should be "Miniguns_1.3.zip"; I just downloaded and got version 1.3.
  2. minecraftpro

    minecraftpro Space Hobo

    if you downloaded it twice the file name looks like "MiniGuns_1-2.3" which maybe you got 1.3

    i put the folder MiniGuns_1.3 in the mods folder and the main menu shows some red text but i don't see the guns to craft on the crafting tables
  3. agente90

    agente90 Aquatic Astronaut

    fixed, thx for all!
  4. intrepid-explorer

    intrepid-explorer Phantasmal Quasar

    The base minigun is crafted on the metalwork station, where you make Tier 2 things from steel. The next tier of miniguns are built on the robotic crafting table. The other tiers require the accelerator's table. Here's the thing: the recipes will not be visible until you have the right crafting table. This true even if you are in cheat mode. If you want to cheat to get the guns, the item codes are the same as each minigun name (including capitalization if that matters) but without spaces.
  5. Soron

    Soron Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Will this be updated? Its the only mod i found that add actual miniguns.

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