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  1. miloneuman

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    Never before has being rejected by everyone at the flower dance looked so good!

    20171017185945_1.jpg 20171017185933_1.jpg 20171017185859_1.jpg 20171017190000_1.jpg
    • miloneuman

      miloneuman Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Work has been kicking my butt this week so I haven't had time to get anything clean or colored to show you all. BUT I did just find a little time to sketch out five of Stardew Valley's six eligible bachelors. After roughing the initial designs out a little, I showed them to my wife, who kindly pointed out the double-standard of my design choices... that double-standard being that I drew all of the marriageable ladies pretty... well pretty, and all of the gents a little goofy looking. Sooooo I made a new layer and gave all those sweet young boys a "handsome" pass. I think they are still a little goofier looking than the ladies, but this will have to do for now. I'll try to use clean-up to push them a little handsomer as well, probably.

      Just Guys.jpg
      • Xuomi

        Xuomi Phantasmal Quasar

        I just love seeing the process that your artwork goes through from sketch to finished product. All artists really. I'm not an artist myself, so it's always interesting to me to see how some completed pieces end up so different from the sketch they started on. I'm so excited to see the next batch! Sorry to hear about work though. I know that feeling. :p Hopefully things smooth out soon!
        • tinkerbelljln

          tinkerbelljln Big Damn Hero

          So incredibly happy you are NOT keeping the goofy hairstyle Sam has (seriously ConcernedApe, WHY???). Although I actually quite liked Elliot's look in your original sketch, but both look really good. So excited for all of these, loving seeing the progress too.
          • miloneuman

            miloneuman Subatomic Cosmonaut

            You know, it's all good. I'm blessed to have a job where I get to draw all day, so I really can't complain. My issue is that I'm a crazy perfectionist, so I make everything take longer than it should. Should be out of the weeds soon though!

            Aw, you know, considering ConcernedApe also had to teach himself everything about programming and game design just to get this game up and off the ground, and considering he wasn't a professional character designer going into the project, I'd say he didn't do a half bad job with his characters. They are all pretty appealing and easy on the eyes, which isn't something most people are able to pull off.


            That being said, Sam's hair is pretty silly.

            And now, screenshots:
            20171020135629_1.jpg 20171020121853_1.jpg 20171020114842_1.jpg 20171017183736_1.jpg 20171017185925_1.jpg
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            • GreenWombat

              GreenWombat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

              Out of curiosity. Any chance once you are finished we could get two versions of the portrait mod? One with the full versions and one with just the flats? I kind of like the flat versions, they have kind of an old school cartoon vibe that I at least find really appealing.
              • miloneuman

                miloneuman Subatomic Cosmonaut

                I was actually thinking of that, and honestly it would be pretty easy to do since everything is on separate layers, so yes, probably!
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                • GreenWombat

                  GreenWombat Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                  Yay! :D
                  • Faer

                    Faer Void-Bound Voyager

                    This is absolutely stunning work! I'm beyond excited to see this finished. :speechless: I love how expressive your portraits are. So refreshing! <3
                    • 2Scribble

                      2Scribble Void-Bound Voyager

                      These look like real people... I mean, they aren't half naked - they aren't animals - they don't have tits bigger than their heads - they just look like REAL people :wut:

                      Never something I realized I need in my life... why must you cruelly tease me with only these samples? My life is empty without the complete neighborhood version...

                      I love how Emily looks the oldest - sort of gawky and clumsy which suits her character. The fact that she's not wearing a SHIRT and actually matches her sprite is a nice touch :p lol

                      I love how Leah looks all inexperienced and perky and exuberant - again, suits her character

                      Abigail is the turn-out in my opinion; I mean, first of all, you haven't slimmed her down :p which I appreciate - I like that she's a bit rounder and beefier than the other spouses. IDIC, after all. But you've also maintained that sort of 'ill-at-ease' toughness she shows.

                      Penny I DESPERATELY want to see more of - and Maru looks hilariously fun - not sure about Haley; she just sort of looks prissy and blonde... but, I mean, unless you get REALLY invested in her heart-wise that's sort of the appearance and personality she exudes. She's probably the most limiting art-wise because of her character. So it's understandable.

                      Seriously, very impressive work - kind of reminds me of the art from the original Disney 101 Dalmatians animated film. Can't wait for more.
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                      • Kalnu

                        Kalnu Void-Bound Voyager

                        These look pretty nice, so far. It's a lot of work, too! I love that you are actually doing different positions for the emotions. However, because of this, I feel it is a bit awkward to download just one or two characters. I'm eager to see this project finished, and once it is, likely update everyone so they all match in style. :)

                        Keep it up !
                        • miloneuman

                          miloneuman Subatomic Cosmonaut

                          Thanks, yo! I'm glad you're into it!

                          Sorry! I'm a cruel jerk!

                          Thanks! Abigail is my favorite so far too, glad she's reading the way I hoped she would!

                          Yeah, the way I see it is that Haley comes across as just prissy and blonde in the vanilla game until you get to know her better, so I wanted this design to read the same way. Hopefully her personality will come out more when I start to flesh out her expressions.

                          Literally the highest complement you could have paid me, thank you very much! Milt Kahl is my favorite animator/character designer and his grubby mitts are all over that movie.

                          That is eeeexactly why I'm not releasing the final pngs for anyone until the whole set is finished. It just wouldn't be right. Thanks for the interest!

                          Aaaand finally, an update: I'm out of the weeds at work for the moment, and I had a little time this evening to do a bit of cleanup and flatting, and I started in on shading Abigail. Enjoy!

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                          • Kalnu

                            Kalnu Void-Bound Voyager

                            The new preview is looking good, Abigail is looking really nice, in previous previews you've shown, I was concerned she'd be too like but I do think it was pulled off!
                            I'm not sure about Alex, though. I think he's slumped too much, gives me too much of a Frankenstien's monster vibe because of it.
                            Maybe "poof" up Sebastian's hair a bit, making it head a bit wider? Sam's too?

                            However, I think I may have figured out what was bothering me about the Emily portraits (and probably any portrait from here on out)
                            Have you considered colouring the lines? The black lines make the creases in her face very prominent, and due to that, I see someone that's probably even older than the age you're aiming for. Moreover, colouring them would probably bring it back into the true style of the game, if you've noticed, it doesn't really use black for outlines that often - even things that are black often have another colour to outline it.

                            And this is more my personal preference, but the pose with the uh - weird trident thing. Maybe reduce the glow or make it another colour - it makes this one feel washed out.

                            Overall, I do feel like these are much closer to the spirit of the game, The wide array of expressions and poses give them so much more life and personality. I can look at them and tell what kind of character and personality they have - and as well what they are feeling. Much better than before.

                            Hope you don't mind the criticism!
                            • miloneuman

                              miloneuman Subatomic Cosmonaut

                              I don't mind criticism, just as long as you don't mind me ignoring it! ;)
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                              • tinkerbelljln

                                tinkerbelljln Big Damn Hero

                                What are the odds of, once you're done, getting an Elliot in the style of your first rough sketch? I really loved that one quite a bit, though I do like the new sketch for him too, no matter what these are amazing! I'm so excited to use them in game, regardless of if you do the other version of Elliot or not <3
                                • Karmylla

                                  Karmylla Hard-To-Destroy Reptile

                                  I'm liking these so much, you're a great artist!
                                  Sadly, I also use the Diverse Stardew Valley mod in my game, so I might not use this, but I'll give you all my support!
                                  Every time you update, I'm in awe with how alive all of them look! Really, really beautiful, thank you for sharing :)
                                  • tinkerbelljln

                                    tinkerbelljln Big Damn Hero

                                    Please say this isn't dead, you're just busy with real life?
                                    • miloneuman

                                      miloneuman Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                      No worries, not dead, just busy. Storyboarding can be pretty all-consuming work, and I'm writing and drawing a comic in my free time so that's leaving little time for this, which is a little less of a priority. Hopefully after Thanksgiving I'll have a little breathing room to get a few more characters done.

                                      BTW, (Shameless Plug Alert) if anyone is bored of waiting on these they can check out any other art I'm producing over at my tumblr. As I make more portraits, I'll probably be putting them up there as well as here.
                                      • sheetcakeghost

                                        sheetcakeghost Pangalactic Porcupine

                                        These are so lovely and expressive! Can't wait to check back in on this in two years and see if you've done up the whole town. d: (This is commentary on how long it takes to make quality art and not a dig on how long it is taking you to do it.)
                                        • miloneuman

                                          miloneuman Subatomic Cosmonaut

                                          No offense taken, and probably an accurate assessment, honestly!
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