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  1. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    Thanks! And no its fine now. ( And no, I don't want to do a strength check each time )
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  2. WarSarah

    WarSarah Heliosphere

    Name: Bevery L.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 19

    Race: Human


    Strength: 4
    Perception: 18
    Accuracy: 5
    Melee: 1
    Resistance: 1
    Endurance: 3
    Agility: 10
    Charisma: 15
    Intelligence: 20

    Tech Savvy: Bevery is very knowledgeable about technology, and often fixes her own ship.
    + Make it rain: Due to the nature of Bevery's job, she's known to be very deep-pocketed.

    -Curiosity killed the Human?: Because she is fascinated with the inner workings of the world, her curiosity can lead her to forget her own well being
    -Weaker than a puppy: Bevery is very physically weak. She is sickly nature, having a hard time with most fighting. She can't take a hit, and can't really give one back.
    -When the sleeping walk: Bevery's job often causes her to have an awkward sleeping schedule, so she is often sleep deprived because of it.


    A short woman, about the height of 5'2". She's relatively thin and almost sickly looking. Tan, ashy skin and marble eyes making her appear blind. Her hair is short and unkempt, with two long chunks in front. Her hair is often described as midnight blue. Bevery's clothing choice ranges from her lab coat to normal adventuring gear. She's more often than not seen with some form of scarf around her neck, which hides a long scar that starts from about midway and stops just above her collar bone. Her most recognizable feature are the bright blue framed glasses she wears.

    Either a lab coat, or her adventuring gear: flannel shirt, jeans, boots and a backpack
    -A multitude of techs at her disposal, most notably a bio-implant to survive cold weather and non-oxygenated planets
    - A backpack that carries first aid supplies and food
    -A durasteel axe and a chakram


    Bevery was once stuck on sub-zero temperature planet when one day, she decided to go adventuring and throw away her restricted life. Stealing the lab equipment she could, she played coy with a pirate and stole his ship, sailing the cosmos in it to this day. In order to make a living, she used her knowledge and skills to create techs for people and sold them for money, along with ship upgrade licensees. Upon the encroaching of the Midnight, Bevery became morbidly curious about the happenings of the world around her. Following her usual wishes, she stayed out of siding with any faction, finding herself content with watching from the sidelines and researching all she could. If she were to be offered some compensation- she could possibly be swayed into a faction.
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  3. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    Great! I'll look more at it when I get on my computer. Seems good so far. :3

    Also, an important message update, I made it not possible to join the champions of midnight right at the start. I found out that I'm having a difficult time writing out major plot points for those who join the group, so I'm putting it on the metaphorical shelf for later.
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  4. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    Good to see we finally have a face character. I was wondering what would happen if Tachyon and Dusty couldn't kill their way out of a situation.
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  5. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    Tachyon wouldn't shoot his way out of a situation, he would try and run first cause he is a coward. :rofl:
  6. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    @WarSarah Bevery has been added. Welcome aboard! ;3

    Bevery's strength was so low from the weaker than a puppy trait that I had to make a new weapon weight, very light, just so she could wield them. :rofl:
  7. WarSarah

    WarSarah Heliosphere

    Thank you! Glad to be on board!
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  8. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    We'll be starting once I get one of my friends in here or on Monday. Is everyone else ready/going to be ready?
  9. Arra

    Arra The End of Time

    " Well..ready I guess! "
  10. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    this is pretty good, expect an app from me pretty soon
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  11. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    Due to working late on a Monday, We'll be starting tomorrow when I'm off work, which is at 14:00 UTC / 2:00 PM UTC
    (Sorry for any inconveniences!)
  12. MilkCalf

    MilkCalf Supernova

    I'd like to join and I have an app. It's merely a modified version of my Vahalia app, but it should fit. I kept the personality part there even though it's not reguired.

    Name: Snab Cleavewood

    Gender: Male

    Age: 18

    Race: Floran

    Faction: None

    Stats: (Maximum of 80 points total! 10 is average and 25 is max, except for accuracy and melee which is 30. Choose wisely! ;3)
    Strength: 8
    Perception: 13
    Accuracy: 1
    Melee: 15
    Vitality: 6
    Resistance: 5
    Endurance: 4
    Agility: 10
    Charisma: 5
    Intelligence: 13

    Personality: Snab is usually calm, quiet, thought full and good hearted. He's also a perfectionist. He can sometimes have emotive outburts where he speaks too much, attacks hin enemies in anger or tries to accomplish something futile.


    Pointy things: He is skilled with swords and daggers.

    Strategic: Snab tries to plan for everything. He will try to read his opponents and counter accordingly.

    Sneaky: He knows how to move silently, hide and pick locks.

    E|33t h4x0r: Snab is good with computers and can hack most things.

    Timeout: Snab needs a moment to come up with a plan. If caught off guard by something unexpected, like a sneak attack, he is fully relieant on his reflexes.

    Under pressure: If he is unable to form a good plan for something or if he is in a conversation Snab will feel very stressed out.

    Loner: He has trouble working with others and likes to either do something himself or let others do it.

    Thief: Snab has a bad habit of stealing things and it may get him in trouble. He also has trouble consentrating on important things when something is too valuable or too easy to steal.

    Raider wrath: He has managed to piss of both Crimson Eclipse and Rough Fighters.

    Equipment: A scimitar, a knife, 10 lockpicks, a laptop, a radiophone and his robes.

    Appearance: Snab is a skinny 185cm tall floran with blue skin, long orange leaves as hair and yellow eyes. He wears a black and red robe.

    Backstory: Snab lived in a small tribal floran village. Due to his limited strength he couldn't be a hunter and was thus forced so seek his exitement from books. Over time he became quite educated and eventually moved to a big city that had mixed raced citisents. He's had various different kinds of jobs: spying, deliveries, bandit killing, assasinations and hacking.
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  13. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    Accepted! Welcome aboard! ;3
    "Heh... watch your back, kid."
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  14. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    Oh, also, your character has a special skill I should shed light upon due to a positive trait, so prepare to be somewhat enlightened! @MilkCalf

    Analyze opponent: This skill allows your character to analyze opponents, as the name entitles, that gives some information about them that can be observed while also granting the player +5 aim against that person during the battle; this is activated if a perception roll is higher than the set requirement (the stronger they are, the higher the requirement and vise versa). If the roll is 35 points or higher, then the opponent also loses 5 evasion when attacked by this player.

    HOWEVER, unfortunately for Snab, anyone who is not analyzed in battle causes him to have -5 aim against due to another trait, making it like a double edged blade. ;3

    Also ASLO! Sorry for not starting at the correct time, everyone! I wasn't feeling too good, so I laid down for a few hours after work. We'll be starting today if enough members are active.

    ALSO ALSO ALSO!!!! I've successfully changed will to sanity, because when I say "this will change your will" I get a headache and it truly tests my own sanity, and changing will to willpower sounded silly, so sanity is now the new white. Also, sanity is the new will stat. ;P
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2016
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  15. TechnoCupcake

    TechnoCupcake 2.7182818284590...

    Name: Myrria Adinei

    Gender: Female

    Age(In earth years, please): 15

    Race(Any race from the Starbound universe. Put a link if it's from a mod please!):
    Faction: (Can be left blank)
    Rough Fighters
    Stats: (Maximum of 80 points total! 10 is average and 25 is max, except for accuracy and melee which is 30. Choose wisely! ;3)
    Strength: 8
    Perception: 12
    Accuracy: 3
    Melee: 12
    Resistance: 5
    Endurance: 5
    Agility: 17
    Charisma: 6
    Intelligence: 6

    You're too slow!: To Myrria, time feels more slow to her, even only if slightly. This is most effective during heated situations, keeping her quick and alert

    Quick Feet: Myrria has always been fairly quick, adding to her agility.

    Impatience: Due to her skewed perception of time, she is often impatient and will rush into bad situations.

    Arrogance: Myrria believes she doesn't need help to complete tasks, and will turn down partners, or be uncooperative, among other things.

    Tired already?: Myrria's attacking style relies on quick moves to take out an opponent swiftly, but she has low stamina. A prolonged fight will often tire her out and reduce her agility, strength, and perception relative to the length of the encounter.

    -Sparrow armor or adventurer clothing
    -Friend's star necklace
    Myrria is a short 5'3 avian who is slightly thinner than one with an average stature, however she still appears generally healthy. She possesses mostly green feathers, as well as some silver feathers in a striped design against the back of her arms and legs. She also has white fluff around her beak and white feathers around her eyes in a natural avian style. Her eyes are a shade of orange. She usually wears either her sparrow armor or her adventurer gear, and always wears her friend's star necklace around her neck.

    Myrria grew up in a medium sized avian village. Growing up, she had one close friend who she always hung out with, whenever they both had free time. They would often play a game which involved one of them being the 'bad guy' and the other being the 'good guy'. Myrria would always be the bad guy and her friend would be the good guy. Neither Myrria or her friend really felt connected the village, and everyone inside it. Upon reaching an older age, they both set off from the village to survive on their own. At first, it was difficult, however as time went on, they began to get used to how to survive on their own. They had a system splitting up the tasks, and worked well together. They were happy and content with their lives. One day, Myrria's friend came down with a sickness that neither of them knew how to cure. Her friend made it seem like the disease was less than it actually was, however, and before Myrria knew how serious it actually was, her friend had died. Myrria was stricken with grief and left alone to survive. Even with the pressure of survival, she took the time to give her friend a proper burial. Myrria took her necklace, which has a star pendant, and now she always wears it in memory of her comrade. Now, Myrria, turning to a life of crime, has joined the Rough Fighters, for a way to survive and have places to stay, and partly to fill the void in her heart from no longer having a 'good guy' to 'play' against.
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  16. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    Accepted! "Welcome aboard, freshmeat!"
  17. DustyScabbard

    DustyScabbard Spaceman Spiff

    Hey @Jirky-Kake, I wanted to let you know that I looked over the stat documents you made for each character, and I think your interpretations for the traits into stats are pretty interesting.

    Also, am I the only one to notice that Dusty is the oldest character? And he's not even 30.
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  18. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar


    Hmm... You pointing out Dusty's age gives me an idea...


    EDIT: Also, sorry for late responses. Work, and stuff...
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  19. Diamond Dog

    Diamond Dog Guest

    *App is still not finished*

    how2meme 101, now available at your nearest zetta
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  20. Jirky-Kake

    Jirky-Kake Phantasmal Quasar

    Don't worry 'bout it! I can squeeze you into the RP whenever, so don't feel rushed! ;3

    EDIT: Oh, hey! I forgot to explicitly say that the RP is already up in the forum now!. I'm sure everyone in the RP already knows, but for everyone I didn't tag and hasn't checked the role playing forum might be unaware!

    Here be dah link!

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