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    Something like that, yeah.
  2. So Anodynes won't be a playable race (or a part of a playable race)? [​IMG]
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    So is the idea that Anodynes could be feral npc novakids that are hostile and inhabit novakid ruins? That'd be neat.
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    When you think about it the only difference between races is looks, and considering the fact that they are so similer would basically mean adding them as their own race would be dumb.
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    Well, I suppose you could have an option to pick no brand when creating a Novakid to make it be an Anodyne.

    Dunno how Bietol and Suika think of that, but that's an idea.
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    Ya it could be like the alternative to being bald.
  7. No, the Anodynes and Novakids are exactly the same race; only different factions. Think of the brands as either some sort of genetic "wound", or the lack of brand as a sign of 'old age'.

    In the end, both are still the same Starbound Novakid. Only, you could see both styles in the game.
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  8. I approve of this idea. The brand would almost be like a scarlet letter and Novakids would stay Novakids while still integrating Anodynes.
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  9. Yes, but would you be able to play as both the Novakid faction and the Anodyne faction? Or just the Novakid faction?
  10. You will play as the Starbound-Novakid, not as a Bietol-Novakid or an Anodyne.. Factions are irrelevant to character creation and are merely lore content. They're just there to explain, one, why Novakids have brands, or why Anodynes don't; and two, a way to integrate the Anodynes into Starbound-Novakid lore.

    As with every race implemented, you are not bound to either society. You will not gain any social benefits or consequences for having a brand, or lack a brand in your face, should you be a Starbound Novakid.
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  11. But... but would that make sense with the lore? A combination of these two distinct factions with different personalities might not go very well, especially if it contradicts the lore...
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    Upon looking closer at the pre-order image, the middle 'novakid' does have a dress that does not fit the Wild West theme they ahve going on, if anything, it seems like a toga from Greece...
    Hopefully they can make ti soe they are like, different clans of the same race. If we have different skin colors, why couldn't they have one with a bit of cooled plasma around their bodies, with the brand sunk in or something? :p
  13. Patchouli

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    The middle one is wearing a red dress. Just google "Saloon Women" and you'll see what I mean. It's still Western.
  14. I don't see why not. Besides, they ARE changing the lore, whether it is a large update in lore or not is beyond me. Either way, an awkward juxtaposition will not bother much, considering they are two different factions with two different social environments.
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    Yes, I see the similarities in terms of looks. But they are still a bit different. To me, the novakids remind of the beast creatures from Shadow Raiders. Looks like this guy

    While the Anodynes seems like a mix of The Thing and the Human torch of the fantastic 4.

    Guess in the end its a matter of opinion. I guess the flaming cowboy doesnt look as cool to me as the anodynes. Or i guess i like the color pallet of the anodnyes more :p
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    I really hope they do this. About the not having any consequences. Don't people talk diffrently to you because of your race to? So why not do it the same with these factions? I won't change the way you play in any big way. But if you go nova-nova then anodynes might respond a little short tempered. And vice versa


  17. Well what I'm saying is that this is a part of the preorder bonus; Chucklefish has been working on further integrating this race into the Starbound Novakid lore/appearance to make the Anodyne features more noticeable.

    But yeah, before our races were added to the game, me and Bietol made sure our races aren't TOO similar, else ther'd be people running around yelling "omg ripoff this ripoff that"
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  18. If the two of you made sure before hand that the two races were different right from the start I guess I'm confused about why Chucklefish is now trying to combine them.

    Visually I can see already that they share similarities so look wise I just don't understand why it would necessary to to make Anodyne features even more noticeable. I can understand that as an artist this could be hard to hear but I am not criticizing in any way. You're super talented and I love your work. :) I just happen to be very concerned about the race becoming muddled and forced because they are in fact so very different. Will they have to have both brands and hardened plasma to accomplish this? I hope not. Personally I love the brand but there may be others that do not. Perhaps hardened plasma could be an option in lieu of a brand, but I just really like the idea of the brands and don't exactly want to give that up.

    Lore wise I see greater possibilities for combining the races with Anodynes being a separate faction. I think this would add to depth and story in a wonderful way.
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    epic man! a like and a watch thread click from me!
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    I like this more than Novakid, but both are cool.

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