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Community McVicar Makes a Friend

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by mollygos, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. janusforbeare

    janusforbeare Phantasmal Quasar

    I've never seen this comic before, so I assume I'm missing something here. Did the Agarans actually... you know... do anything to Hiraki and McVicar? I kinda feel like I just witnessed an act of interstellar terrorism.

    EDIT: After reading the previous instalment, I think I understand. The Agarans smelled bad, so they had to die. Moral quandary resolved!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
  2. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Official Starbound comic, schweet!

    I just love that there just happens to be a pile of explosives lying around. Oh dear.
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  3. Aegis J Hyena

    Aegis J Hyena Existential Complex

    She's cute... for a Hylotl...
  4. SweFox

    SweFox Guest

    Nice :eek:!
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  5. ImmortalFrog

    ImmortalFrog Oxygen Tank

    Hiraki Corale is a future in-game NPC right?
  6. Katzeus

    Katzeus Chucklefisherman Chucklefish

    Starbound comic! Best...day...
  7. quantian

    quantian Aquatic Astronaut

    Well this changes quite a lot about Agaran Menace.
  8. Rhyfel

    Rhyfel Void-Bound Voyager

    I don't know if I agree with the portrait of Humans in this comic.
    Or Hylotl.
    Or anything for that matter :O.
    Good art style tho.
    Maybe I'am just missing the context.
  9. quantian

    quantian Aquatic Astronaut

    You certainly are since Corale is no ordinary Hylotl.
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  10. RyuujinZERO

    RyuujinZERO Supernova

    Lol, I love Charlton's helpless flailing in the fight scene. I figured fairly quickly this was likely the legendary adventurer Hiraki Corale, after it appeared they were more prepared than batman.

    Every story needs it's everyman for the reader to empathise with ;)
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  11. Rhyfel

    Rhyfel Void-Bound Voyager

    But why is that Human such an ordinary Human then :eek:.
    And why blow everything up.
  12. quantian

    quantian Aquatic Astronaut

    Because he's just a journalist.
  13. Huzzah! Hiraki in motion*!

    *static, comic panel motion
  14. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Blowing stuff up is fun. :megusta: Aaand we do get the impression that Hiraki likes to tear things apart in general from other lore.
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2014
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  15. quantian

    quantian Aquatic Astronaut

    Also official confirmation that Hylotl have 3 fingers and one thumb
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  16. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    And 3 toes!
  17. Rhyfel

    Rhyfel Void-Bound Voyager

    I guess.
    I often pick other classes than Humans in games.
    But on Starbound I actually prefer the Humans.
    All these races with different unique skills/traits, putting Human as the "everyman" seems kinda too-easy.
    I would actually prefer if the Human one was the badass, an underdog compared to the other races.
    But, you know. It's what ever.
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  18. quantian

    quantian Aquatic Astronaut

    I don't know what you're getting at when it's been long established that this particular guy is just a journalist.
  19. Bonabopn

    Bonabopn Fluffiest Squirrel

    Very nice, in both story and art. c:

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