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RELEASED Maverick-Hunters MMX 11.0.3

Featuring Armors, Techs (Ride Armors, Zero- and X-"Modes") and Weapons of the MMX/Z/ZX games

  1. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

  2. Starreaper

    Starreaper Void-Bound Voyager


    hey bud, i was just wondering is there a possability of getting this mod without the Tabula Rasa ?
  3. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Ah yes sorry, i forgot to update the modpage - tabula rasa isnt required anymore.
  4. DXLelouch

    DXLelouch Void-Bound Voyager

    is Omega Zero a model or armor or does it just summon him to kick my ass all around the solar system?
  5. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Both. :D Well, you need tier 10 equipment to beat him. Also the glide buster (mk8) would be usefull. :p
  6. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Last edited: Jan 28, 2014
  7. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

  8. DXLelouch

    DXLelouch Void-Bound Voyager

    if i might make a suggestion
    cyber elves as items to light up areas
    hell an upgrade system using cyber elves would be awesome(similar to the Zero games)
  9. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Already thought about that my self, also about bio-metals which follow you. But its kinda annoying the would act as a back item and so they would stuck on your back. Afaik theres currently no way to make them behave like in the original games. :(
  10. DXLelouch

    DXLelouch Void-Bound Voyager

    is invisible string an option?
    like the lanterns but make the string completely transparent so it will appear to float
  11. shinobi1027

    shinobi1027 Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    This is awesome mod man my favorite please keep it updated :D... Its awesome and balanced to you did awesome Job :D Sorry for the smileys I really like this mega man mod I am still using it :rofl:
  12. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Not sure what you mean, sorry. :( But if the cyber elves would be a back item (like the lanternstick), they would just float in the air without any movement. Thats something i dont want, i would like to behave it like a own entitiy like in the original games.

    Thanks ;)
  13. DaWrecka

    DaWrecka Pangalactic Porcupine

    Any chance of uploading the mod to this site? Mediafire won't work for me. It's just timing out.
  14. DarkerCloud

    DarkerCloud Big Damn Hero

    Mediafire isn't working for me either.
  15. TCRN030

    TCRN030 Void-Bound Voyager

    I can get the HX saber, and the Construction Pod, but I can't find any of the armors or other weapons, or the Bio-Metal Pod, Any ideas?
  16. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Sorry i had to upload it to mediafire because i couldn't upload anything to the modsite anymore for some weird reason. Maybe Mediafire was down? Does it still doesnt work?

    Hmmm thats weird. You can craft the Bio-Metal capsule normaly with plain crafting (no use of tables). Not sure if you can craft it on tables. It was kinda stupid of me not adding the bio-metal capsule to the construction capsule - i'll change that with the next update. If its still not there - reinstall my mod, probably something went wrong with the unzip procress.
  17. DarkerCloud

    DarkerCloud Big Damn Hero

    Yea, it still doesn't work. Why not use dropbox?
  18. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Crystan updated Mega Man X Armor and Weapons with a new update entry:

    6.7 update

    Read the rest of this update entry...
  19. roban22

    roban22 Intergalactic Tourist

    Does the bed capsule along with anything else thats not armor drop as blueprints when you kill a particular armor or?
  20. Crystan

    Crystan Maverick Hunter

    Yeah, most of the stuff comes with the Natural Armor Boss capsule.

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