RELEASED Maru Sprite with Glasses and Fixed Abigail's Bow Sprite

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    Two small things that always really bothered me was how Maru's sprite was not consistent with her portrait and how Abigail's bow dances all over the place.

    It seemed to me that Maru's sprite was made to match an older portrait of hers; hence her lack of glasses, brown eyes, darker hair and brighter top.

    Abigail seemed to suffer from a similar problem, her bow was obviously to match her older portraits, however it was still left on her sprite, either by accident or design choice. Since there are multiple mods already that remove Abigail's bow to match her portrait, I decided to fix its placement for any user who uses a portrait that restores her bow.

    Changes I have made:

    - I've added glasses to Maru's sprite and I've also fixed her hair in her nurse uniform to be the same as her casual clothes.
    - I've fixed Abigail's bow to stay fixed to the right side of her head.


    - Added a v2 for Abigail's bow; I wasn't too happy with the placement of the bow while she is facing 'right'.
    - Added a v2 for Maru; fixed her hair and eye colour to match her portrait.
    - Added a v3 for Maru; v2 with her top changed to match her portrait.
    - Fixed position of Maru's hat in her nurse uniform for v2 and v3.

    (I've left the original versions up for the user to decide which they prefer)




    MaruScreen.png Maru_HospitalScreen.png

    MaruScreen2.png Maru_HospitalScreen.png

    MaruScreen3.png Maru_HospitalScreen3.png


    Navigate to your Stardew Valley Installation folder and copy file/s to:


    Don't forget to make a backup of the original .xnb file/s before overwriting


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