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    I always had a worry of making myself look bad.

    Which is why I want to avoid posting maps until someone else looks at them and give feedback BEFORE I post them.

    I usually test a map hundreds of times offline before I verify it online.

    Anyways, because I confirm it as flawless (in my own eyes, of course) before I even verify it, I start to wonder: "What will others think? Is this worthy of even being submitted?" Then I verify and submit it anyways, hoping for the best.

    Anyways, I didn't create this thread to give you my life story, I created it to give everyone else a chance to test my maps before final verification and submission. So without further ado: Testmap 01!

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    • Jim Witness

      Jim Witness Industrial Terraformer

      This one is for a campaign that got cancelled before it even began. It takes place after the arcade run of the second secret commander. There was intended to be two main maps where you play the antagonist and a side mission at the end where you play the ones who you play against in the second main mission.

      Anyways, here it is!

      By the way, I don't intend on finishing it. if anyone else wants to finish this, be my guest.

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