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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by EnricoBarbarossa, Mar 27, 2019.


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  1. EnricoBarbarossa

    EnricoBarbarossa Master Chief

    Hi, Does anybody else ever find themselves wishing they could set customizable price points for specific units at specific parts of the map when creating one? Sometimes I want to make a certain type of map but have to remove trebuchets because they can be too cheap and spammable, thus stiffling other strategies, yet I really love trebuchets and just wish I could make the more expensive. Or in some cases, depending on the location of a barracks or port, etc, I wish I could increase the cost of trebuchets, warships, harpoonships, etc., so that they can't be spammed, but are still an option.
    To sum up more concisely, I think it would be awesome if we could both customize the price of a unit in general, and at specific locations on player made maps.
    • Fadedsun

      Fadedsun Astral Cartographer

      Have you considered the use of flagstone when making your maps? Flagstone can be used to hinder wheeled/air units. I've been using this a lot when I'm making maps in order to weaken, or sometimes outright soft ban wheeled units from a map. You can use flagstone to keep trebs and ballista to areas near their barracks, as a last minute purchase for defense.You can also put a single tile around each part of your barracks to prevent them from being spawned at all. Forest also having the same effect.

      That said, it would be nice if we could customize unit pricing ourselves. It would save Chucklefish the trouble of having to re-balance everything themselves and giving us more power to balance unit pricing.
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      • EnricoBarbarossa

        EnricoBarbarossa Master Chief

        Hey, sorry, I did mean to respond but got busy and forgot. Thanks for the tips with flagstones, I'll definitely have to get more creative in using them to limit certain units. Howeve, the problem still exists on other types of maps and/or when you want ballista to be spammable and trebuchets to be more expensive or off limits in a certain location. If I just used flagstones, then it would be rather tricky to limit one without limiting the other in an unintended manner. There are also times on certain maps I've made where I had to resign myself to giving players harpoon ships at the beginning of the match and banning their production of them so that they couldn't be spammed at low price to completely annihilate air units in locations that I specically want air units to be viable.

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