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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by theyarenotlong, Mar 1, 2018.

  1. theyarenotlong

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    It would only make sense to be able to manually turn on/off the sprinklers during the day and not that they only activate at the beginning of the day. This would come in handy at the first day of a new season when soil is prepared for new crops and new crops are planted with sprinklers set up ready for watering the following days, however every crop needs to be watered manually by watering can, when sprinklers are standing all over the place and for some reason cannot be used to water the new crops...

    I imagine having to build a machine/switch-thing which could be placed somewhere on the farm, maybe near the house or a watersource (small lake/well), to be interacted with to re-activate the sprinklers during the day.

    Thanks for a great game.
    • Reneeisxena

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      I love this idea. Especially in the greenhouse where I have several different kinds of crops that take varying times to grow. Most of the time, unless it's really early in the morning I'll just leave it till the next morning. This could really be useful outside where sometimes time is of the essence. The time starts as soon as the crop is watered and if you have a crop that takes a while and you need to make sure it's ripe before the end of the season, then you have to manually water. Which can take a long time, depending on the number to be watered and if you have an upgraded water can.
      • plagueborn667

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        This absolutely would be a great addition. I have had the same lament while playing but never thought of something so perfect.

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