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Bug/Issue Mannequin Duplication

Discussion in 'Support' started by Thee Pie Man, Aug 4, 2016.

  1. Thee Pie Man

    Thee Pie Man Aquatic Astronaut

    As with most games with armor displaying, there's usually a way to break it and get multiple armors/etc from the mannequin.

    What version did you discover this on?: I discovered this on 1.0.5. This morning after having just farmed enough solarium for my second set of armor. The Raven Set.

    What happens when the glitch/bug occurs: You get an entire duplication of everything in your equipment Armor slots.

    How I discovered it: I simply was derping around, rapidly changing out my armors to see what looked good. It completely deleted one set and duped the other.

    How to replicate: Simply go to a mannequin, place all your equipment on it and toggle the button repeatedly to equip equipment, it will duplicate the armor.

    Further information: This works for all armor and vanity but ONLY through the toggling equipment tab, if you try to repeat the glitch using the vanity it doesn't show up, so probably can find out the difference between the vanity and Equipment code and fix it fairly fast.
    Note: The mannequin can be completely empty to replicate the glitch- you do not need any armor or vanity already on it.

    If you need anymore information please feel free to message me.

    Hope this helps squash bugs and prevents people in the future from getting their armor deleted accidentally. I'm just going to go and dupe some extra of the Macaw armor, sell it for the mats for the Raven and put this mess behind me.

    Update: Sometimes it decides to DELETE the entire armor set. It's very odd... As in when trying to replicate it. It may delete everything- use at your own peril.
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  2. knking1000

    knking1000 Yeah, You!

    Same happened to me. Lost my favorite outfit :(

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