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  1. spacechase0

    spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

    spacechase0 submitted a new mod:

    Magic - Magic!

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    • klo167

      klo167 Void-Bound Voyager

      uh what does it actually do
      • Sayhtam Ocinom

        Sayhtam Ocinom Aquatic Astronaut

        What is the aim of this mod ?
        • spacechase0

          spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

          It adds spells you can cast.
          • spacechase0

            spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

          • genman

            genman Subatomic Cosmonaut

            How can I attune an altar other than the one in cave?:3
            I reach level 15 but it also tell me that I'm lack of power.
            • spacechase0

              spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

              You need more cosmic energy (ie. stardrops consumed).
              • genman

                genman Subatomic Cosmonaut

                I have just done what you told , but still meet the same condition.
                I eat stardrops and make my max stamina to more than 700 , yet those altars think I am weak and lack of energy.......D:

                In these try , I found another problem.
                If I exit the SDV and start game next time , I found my spell list was clean.
                Although my spell book and spell level are reserved , I have to visit cave inorder to rearrange spell list.
                • spacechase0

                  spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

                  They have to be "natural" stardrops, not cheated ones.

                  Something tells me I may need to change this mechanic.
                  • spacechase0

                    spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

                    spacechase0 updated Magic with a new update entry:

                    Bugfixes and tweaks.

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                    • kingcobra8164

                      kingcobra8164 Space Hobo

                      could you make it so we can spawn them in so we can test them out
                      • farmerjack

                        farmerjack Void-Bound Voyager

                        I'm not exactly...sad...about this at all, but just a heads up that the current iteration of the "Buff" spell stacks, allowing you to spam about 15 level 3 Buff spells in order to have a fishing bar the size of the fishing meter, or collect 15+ salmonberries/blackberries at one bush. If that's intended, great! What I would assume is not intended, however, is that when the buff timer hits zero, the effects of the enlarged fishing bar are still active for the rest of that day. Not sure if this effect continues with the bushes or other related buffs.

                        EDIT: a word
                        • elebuu

                          elebuu Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                          Hi!! Will you be updating this mod for 1.3/SMAPI 2.6? ^_^
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                          • spacechase0

                            spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

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                          • Far Away

                            Far Away Void-Bound Voyager

                            Hi! spacechase0! I'm a player from China and I like your mod.I would like to translate your Magic mod and share the translated version to the Chinese Player Forum. Can I get your authorization?
                            • hippocamus

                              hippocamus Void-Bound Voyager

                              I use all your three mods on the skills.
                              I want to leave some wishes.
                              The level of magic grows very quickly and easily increases. It would be better to reduce the growth rate.
                              Magic does not appear in the passport of character, unlike luck and cooking.
                              Need small spell icons for the game screen. Reduced large, which do not fit into the circle - much out of the overall style.
                              Good luck!
                              • spacechase0

                                spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

                              • Braken

                                Braken Scruffy Nerf-Herder

                                SMAIP will not load the mod, even with all the requirements. It just gives me an error that says it didn't load "Magic 0.1.4 because it's no longer compatible. Please check for a new version at"

                                I have the latest version of SMAIP and all required mods.
                                • spacechase0

                                  spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

                                • spacechase0

                                  spacechase0 Ketchup Robot

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