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    First off, I know it would take alot of effort to achieve this, so I'm just throwing the idea out there and hope that someone may already be working on it or something.

    The idea that I have would include a new Skill: Magic. As you get friendly with the Wizard he could/would teach you spells or offer to teach you spells either for money, or with fetch quests (Ingredients that he needs for X reason). This would bring up a new Bar along with Health and Energy, something for Mana or whatever could be its equivalent in this game.

    -Possible magical uses-​
    Clearing Debris: Only affects gathered Materials, acts like proper tool was used to harvest/destroy them. Possibly initially only a four square block, maybe bigger later on.
    Quick Harvest: Cast spell on a certain harvest-ready plant, pulls all of those plants too you from your farm. Useful for large farms.
    Quick Grow: As name implies, increases speed growth. Could include multiple levels of the spell which decreases growth time all the way up to instant-harvest capabilities. MP Heavy
    Quick Shower: Water plants quickly. Might require going to the ponds on your farm to gather up a small raincloud that will then require a 'cooldown' to let the pond refill.

    Quicker bite: Less wait time
    Easier Catch: Fish struggles less/bigger bar
    Treasure Magnet: More likely to get treasure with fish.
    Anti - Trash: No longer get stuff like broken glasses, algae or cans or whatnot

    Combat oriented spells. Spells that damage, heal, protect, enchant weapons, thorns damage, things like that. Maybe even a minion of some kind.
    Conversion Spells: Convert normal rocks into ore or mineral deposits, depending on levels you are on.
    Lighting: A simple spell to either create a orb of light where the mouse is, or simply make you glow.
    Revealing Spells: Spells that either show where the stairs are, or at least point you in the general direction. This could be a single cast MP cost or a continual drain if its pointing.

    Gifts given can be more effective (But not overwhelmingly effective)

    Possible ways to increase max MP could be completing Bundles in the Community Center (Leaving the Joja route to be even that less fullfilling) or even quests that can be done for the Wizard.

    Further possibilities is to balance it out, drawbacks could be that the more you get into the magic, the more energy it takes to use physical skills.
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