looking for people to play on switch with

Discussion in 'Multiplayer' started by aml041816, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. aml041816

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    i’m creating a farm with 3 cabins on the second layout option with 75% profit margin with a forest farm. my friend code is
    :D none of my friends have nintendo switch online and stardew valley so i cant play with anyone. thanks!
    my name on switch is alaina with a music note btw

    also, if you have a discord you are willing to text chat on that and want to join my farm here’s a discord i made for it https://discord.gg/eb6DtS4
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    • the_phamtom

      the_phamtom Intergalactic Tourist

      Is this farm full?
      Switch Friend Code: 5279-7687-2875
      • FireflyofDoom

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        I sent you a friend request! Also, I've set up a discord as well, for people on the switch to connect to others more easily

        We have a few active farms though, and I'm always willing to jump into a farm too ^-^
        • Fabian0228

          Fabian0228 Yeah, You!

          I sent you a friend request my name is kimchijoa don’t ask how this name but anyways I added you ^_^

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