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Discussion in 'Starbound Modding' started by ChocolateMilk555, Feb 24, 2018.

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    I'm an artist looking for a project, I don't have any specific projects I am looking for, if something you are doing is out of my experience I can just use reference and get it done so that is no issue.
    As for Experience, I have done a few projects, one I was actually doing myself but ended up loosing my files due to a hard-drive crash and it had been a long time since I updated the mod so dropped. It was about adding chocolate planets and the such. [​IMG]
    Another issue with that was I added three + planets and it was taking on more then I could chew as someone that is more into the art instead of the programming aspect.
    I can do weapons, blocks, objects, and animations (though animations is on the lower tier of what I am good at)
    Though every asset so far I have provided was chocolate obviously it doesn't have to be chocolate just had them on hand so you can get an idea of what style I do.

    So whether simplistic styled like my mod or more graphic, I am willing to do so, from very shiny to dull I have no issue adjusting.

    I can provide more images if wanted, this is just very basic stuff that I had already uploaded online from when I was creating the mod, none of it was refined and all of it was roughly made and subject to change.

    Also the gold blocks in that were golden chocolate, I never said I was good at coming up with ideas.

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