RELEASED Longevity v1.3->v1.4 (w/DNPCC)

Discussion in 'Mods' started by RTGOAT, Dec 31, 2016.

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    Seems like a pretty cool mod. I've been using RamenYum's Hard for my playthrough

    That mod replaces ObjectInformation.xnb, Monsters.xnb and CraftingRecipes.xnb

    If I use your Longevity mod then I should probably revert those back to the original files or else it'll make really funky stuff happen, right? Does this mod change the initial sell and purchase prices for crops and seeds? Or are they all default with diminishing returns? And if I use the above mod, does that mean it'll diminish from the modded crop value?
    • RTGOAT

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      That is quite the bug; could you PM me your save file?

      You're English is great! Could you PM me your save file?

      These bugs are most certainly caused by some conflict in the diminishing returns; Since DR worked in my simple tests, I'm not sure what triggered these conflicts.
      If in the future someone has a pricing bug, it would be easiest for me to have that save file to backtrack transactions that may have caused the issue.

      This mod makes no changes/interactions with monsters.xnb or craftingrecipes.xnb.
      It does make changes to ObjectInformation.xnb, however, if the only changes in that xnb are object prices; my mod will overwrite them to the data set in my mod. These prices are different from the original.

      If there are any other changes however (changes in object names, categories, etc) then there may be an issue.
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      • RTGOAT

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        *BUG UPDATE!!

        During development, I used test values and a test structure that made debugging easier.

        The issue is that when converting the structure and test values,
        I accidentally made a small error to my algorithm that was causing an opposite reaction with diminishing returns.

        Instead of of lowering the item price, it was gradually increasing the price.

        A simple sign (+ / -) out of place could have caused this, however, that would have been too simple and I would have spotted it in testing.
        It was just misuse of some object properties (got them mixed up) that caused miscalculation.

        I'm unsure if this is exactly the issue with what has been currently reported.
        I spotted this in my own test run and will fix it by tonight. I'll edit this post to notify that a patch is released to fix this issue.

        If you have any questions please ask.

        *Any items that you currently have will be fixed to show their appropriate pricing when patch is applied.
        *I apologize for the inconvenience if you've put a good deal of time into a game with this update.
        *As for future reference, if you ever come across such a bug, please send me your save file and disable the mod or wait for a patch.
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        • zarzaz

          zarzaz Starship Captain

          Hi, tanks for reply. I cant uplad files in PM, so i upload it here.

            Attached Files:

          • RTGOAT

            RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

            Currently on the fix... I'm close, been going hard at it for quite a while.

            I'll run a test on yours to make sure its good to go!
            • RTGOAT

              RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

              UPDATE: v1.3.2
              • Fixed a bug that was causing miscalculations in diminishing returns. (Let me know if any similar issues arise or persist)
              • Fixed a bug that delayed an item in inventory from updating after selling the same item of a different stack.
              • Fixed an issue with NPC Clothing trying to use a portrait for Emily that didn't exist.
              • Fixed the content release folder as one of Sebastian's portraits got swapped with the respective sprite.
                • Be sure to overwrite the v1.3.2 content with the content you installed from v1.3.1
              • Other small optimizations.

              I apologize for any delay.
              Thanks to those for pointing these bugs out to me.
              I look forward to more of your feedback!
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              • TenkoKuugen

                TenkoKuugen Void-Bound Voyager

                Can you explain the actual labels you use for dynamic clothing to detect the files?
                I can see that the format is RT_<season>_<name> or RT_<weather>_<location>(indoor or outdoor or map)
                Is the DLL specifically looking for only the files in the content folder that comes with your mod? I tried to apply a RT_Abigail_Winter portrait mod of my own making but it doesn't fire ingame.
                If you could extend your mod to function as a dynamic replacer framework based on those labels, that would be a legendary level contribution to the modding scene.
                • RTGOAT

                  RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

                  The naming for a file is just the convention I use to keep things organized for now.
                  Your suggestion though, is currently in development.

                  I just wasn't sure if anyone was interested in having control of these triggers, but it was an idea that I have an outline for and I'm glad you asked.
                  This was a bigger picture idea for this mod that I should have implemented soon.

                  I need to create a solid structure to properly handle and prioritize all triggers.
                  The reason I didn't have it finished sooner, I'm not sure on all the possible triggers quite yet.

                  Lastly, I want to make sure the functionality of NPC Clothing mod works properly at it's base;
                  And I'd like to figure out a plan for default content before giving this level of access to users.

                  Keep your eye out for it, and if you have ideas/thoughts be sure to let me know!
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                  • TenkoKuugen

                    TenkoKuugen Void-Bound Voyager

                    You could do amazing stuff with this. Want lewd portraits and stuff but not all the time? This is the mod.
                    Want to use different types of sprite mods? This is the mod.

                    A few suggestions for labels to check: spring, summer, fall, winter, outdoor, mapname, indoor, day, night.
                    Including all weather options seems like a lot of clutter and a lot of them would just overlay like sunny,windy,cloudy,pollen or rain,lightning
                    The important one to me would be outdoor and indoor and mapname so I can make my wife switch from her standard portrait to a custom portrait in my farmhouse.
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                    • RTGOAT

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                      You got it mate, one round of kickass comin up.
                      I'll keep this in mind and post updates throughout this month as I develop my next release.
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                      • zarzaz

                        zarzaz Starship Captain

                        Hi. I found next bug. I'm in 1 spring year 3 and no tax for winter show up. bug1.png
                        • RTGOAT

                          RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar


                          Price updates execute before taxes. Taxes don't execute because of an issue updating prices with one of your chests.
                          This could be an issue with the location of the chest, or the chest itself.
                          • How long have you been playing that save with this mod?
                          • What other mods do you have installed?
                          I'm fairly confident the issue lies with a conflict between my mod and your other custom content.

                          Oh and whoops, It looks that I forgot to take out my debug message.
                          (I'll be sure to take that out next patch, just in case that happens to be bothering anyone)
                          However, I'm curious as to why it is checking for a file named 'Emilys.xnb' instead of 'Emily.xnb'

                          Did you by chance edit the mod.dll file (ex. hex edits)?
                          This doesn't have anything to do with your error message though; I'm just noting it.
                          • zarzaz

                            zarzaz Starship Captain

                            Thanks for reply.
                            i use this mod in this save from beginning.

                            Mods i have installed:
                            -ALL TegoStardewExpansion
                            -Better Quarry
                            -Build health
                            -Climate of ferngil
                            -Configurable shipping dates
                            -lookup anything
                            -Serializer utils

                            no SMAPI mods:
                            -Spooky Wallpaper and Flooring
                            -Super short grass

                            I don't edit anything.
                            • RTGOAT

                              RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

                              I'm not too familiar with other mods so it will take me a second to review all of these to see if they have interactions that may have caused this issue.
                              Have you recently installed any of these mods (if so which ones).

                              Could you send me your save file? This will help me determine if it is an issue with my mod, or a conflict between multiple mods.
                              Its is quite odd that you have been using this mod for your save for nearly 3 in game years and just now an issue with chest updating has arose.

                              Also, make sure that you're using the newest version of Longevity (v1.3.2).
                              Thanks for the bug report, I hope to get you a solid answer soon.
                              • zarzaz

                                zarzaz Starship Captain

                                Ok i found that is bug with fridge. I take out all items from fridge and its now ok.
                                I have version 1.3.2

                                3 years in game because i dont' use fridge before. All winter without taxes.
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                                • RTGOAT

                                  RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

                                  What is your current house upgrade?
                                  When did you first get your fridge?
                                  Have you ever had items in the fridge before?

                                  I'll try to recreate the bug myself with this fridge.
                                  • zarzaz

                                    zarzaz Starship Captain

                                    I have second house upgrade. i dont remember when i upgrade and when i put first item, but was about at beggining of winter. propably one of these: flour, sugar, oil, vinegar, egg, rice, sashimi, chanterelle.
                                    I notice that problem when taxes for winter dont show up.
                                    • RTGOAT

                                      RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

                                      Does the error message pop up everyday? Or just that one time?

                                      I had items in my fridge updated multiple times and couldn't get the error to pop.
                                      • zarzaz

                                        zarzaz Starship Captain

                                        Everyday when i leave house and back. When wake up and immediately go to bed message don pop up.
                                        • RTGOAT

                                          RTGOAT Phantasmal Quasar

                                          Could you send me a s/s of the error message that you receive when leaving/entering the house.

                                          The one you sent me is when you go to sleep/wake up?

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