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RELEASED Longer Ship Travel Time 2.53

Lengthen the time needed to travel for a more immersive experience.

  1. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    Okay this is seriously odd since I and probably a lot of other users are not experiencing this (or else I'll get way more complaints). Can you give me a starbound.log after using this mod? Also, what is your Starbound version?
  2. DukeOfRiven

    DukeOfRiven Giant Laser Beams

    Here is the log.

    I am running 1.4.3 (macosx86_64)

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  3. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    Okay uh, uninstalling this mod fixes the problem?
    Try give me a starbound.log without this mod as well if that is possible.
  4. DukeOfRiven

    DukeOfRiven Giant Laser Beams

    Yes, uninstalling makes this problem go away instantly. Here is a mod-free log.

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  5. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    From both logs nothing show that there is any error coming from this mod. This is seriously peculiar. This mod doesn't change anything about the parallax (the background) so I've no idea why does installing this mod causes that.

    Can you try these things out?

    1) Remove every single mods but leave this mod alone and see if the problem still persist.

    2) If it still persist, try this version of this mod.

    3) If the above version of the mod WORKS, then I've an idea what causes the problem but that'll be a real head-scratcher because nothing is wrong on my end (and possibly the majority). Anyway, if that ever happens, try download the latest version of this mod


    and extract the normal version, but overwrite the sky.config.patch with the file below.


    4) If the new sky.config.patch works, then I'm sure of the source of the issue.

    5) If you can help for a little bit of troubleshooting (because I can't reproduce the problem here myself...), can you try if this version of sky.config.patch work as well?
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  6. DukeOfRiven

    DukeOfRiven Giant Laser Beams

    So, in order:

    1) This did not work - the problem persisted.

    2) This worked

    3) This also worked

    4) It would seem so.

    5) This worked as well.

    IMPORTANT: For giggles I unzipped a fresh copy of the 2.50 mod but DID NOT replace the patch and it ALSO WORKED.

    So I removed the 2.50 manual version, reinstalled the Steam version, and ran Starbound again. I got an 'updating mods' animation (which I have never seen before), and then Starbound opened... with the same problem as before. Is Steam perhaps not downloading sky.config correctly on Mac versions of the mod?

    Regardless: which version of the mod do you suggest I use for the time being?
  7. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    Okay that'll be an easy fix while still removing the flashing effect. No idea why but thank you for troubleshooting it for this mod! I'll be updating both platforms in half an hour or something.
  8. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

  9. DukeOfRiven

    DukeOfRiven Giant Laser Beams

    Just loaded the updated Steam version and it seems to work just fine - or, at the least, the menu looks right, haven't run it in full yet.

    May I ask what it was that was causing the problem?
  10. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    Something to do with the flashing effect being disabled. Now I made it to flash for 0.01 second but in reality it won't flash at all on your screen so I guess if that works then it works. Still unsure why the issue only pop up on some users though.
  11. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    Iroaseta updated Longer Ship Travel Time with a new update entry:


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  12. Roskii Heiral

    Roskii Heiral Heliosphere

    I just wanted to pop in and say this is probly one of my favorite mods ever, it makes my radio actually worth having in my ship. Thanks for the excellent work =3
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  13. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    Glad you like it!
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  14. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    Iroaseta updated Longer Ship Travel Time with a new update entry:

    Tweaked timing

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  15. Iroaseta

    Iroaseta Guest

    This mod has been removed and is no longer available for download.

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