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  1. Tide

    Tide Intergalactic Tourist

    I am working on a absurdly long rail tram, it's all connected, however when I press recall, the tram doesn't come.
    Can someone help?
    (this is the right section, right?)
  2. powerofvoid

    powerofvoid Big Damn Hero

    While I am not entirely sure how to fix the problem, I suspect that the cause is that Starbound normally unloads (ignores) everything that is too far away from the player.

    The Frackin' Universe mod has an object called a "Watcher" that keeps things around it loaded, and may address this issue if used properly: https://frackinuniverse.miraheze.org/wiki/Watcher
  3. Tide

    Tide Intergalactic Tourist

    Ahh.. this is a good solution, thank you. I'll have to see if it works later.
    Only problem is I can't show it to my vanilla friend. :cry:

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