RELEASED Litten / Red and Grey Cat Replacement

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    Another little cat replacement mod! This is mostly a recolour, though some frills were added on the tail, to keep it more 'litten-like'.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    There's the spritesheet, showing all the stages of the animation, and how the cat appears ingame.

    (...The animations look right, I followed the cat around for long enough to verify, though it looks like the default 'half-dead' sleeping cat in this picture.)

    Put in Stardew Valley/Content/Animals

    Rename cat.xnb or move it to a safe location in case you want to restore it.
    I recommend keeping a copy of all mods/retextures you use outside of the game files in case of an update or other accidental file verification, because that will wipe textures that are in use.

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