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Level 10 heart events cut off on Switch screen (spoilers)

Discussion in 'Support' started by summerbandicoot, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. summerbandicoot

    summerbandicoot Poptop Tamer

    I'm having serious issues with the level 10 heart events on my Switch.

    So far I've had Shane's and Harvey's. During both of them the screen was completely off center, so I couldn't see my character in either. During Shane's, I could see Alex and Gus in the crowd, and lots of strangers, but neither Shane nor I were on screen (we should've been at the bottom of the screen but it was cut off). When the heart event ended and the screen panned up, there was a clear line where the crowd ended and then just a huge black portion of screen above it.

    Harvey's heart event had a similar problem. It was fine before we got in to the balloon, but once we were up in the air all I could see on my screen was the top of the hot air ballon, and lots of sky. Again, neither I nor Harvey were on the screen at all!

    I tried playing through these heart events both with my Switch docked and hooked up to my TV, and on the Switch itself. The issue happens both on the Switch itself and on the TV.

    I'm incredibly frustrated by this! I saw one commenter on the Patch 1 thread talking about this, but does anyone know if this is getting fixed? I can't believe these are all so poorly formatted and I can't actually SEE any of the events, it's making me very upset.

    Some of Shane's other heart events were also slightly cut off when I played them through. But it played both his level 6 and level 8 heart events at the same time, so at the time I assumed that was the source of the glitch. Again, the bottom of the screen was cut off, though the issue wasn't as severe with either Harvey or Shane's 10-heart-events.

    EDIT: I just played through Penny's heart event and didn't have this issue. So far the problem is level 10 heart events where you travel somewhere or the screen has to re-load mid-heart-event.
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