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    So the main mods I'll be using will be are:
    • Automate
    • CJB Item Spawn
    • CJB Cheats Menu
    • Gift Taste Helper
    • Joys of Efficiency
    • More Multiplayer info
    • NPC Map Locations
    • UI Info Suite
    • Warp to friends
    • Zoom mod
    • Last but not least, the unlimited players mod
    The main point is to go crazy with the mods and try to have fun together.
    The farm has been set up. Hopefully, anyone who joins me has most of the mods listed above.
    There will be 11 spots open so each of us will be able to marry 1 of the available marriage npc.
    May subject to changes.

    A few rules to go by so there's no chaos:
    • No destroying of layout or any items.
      • If you're trying to change something, let everyone know before you attempt to do it
    • We'll be agreeing to woo a bachelor/bachelorette so that no 2 will be going after the same person and starts a fight.
    • Feel free to choose any gender (no judgement)
    • Since we'll be having the warp option, bedtime will be at 1. Everyone has to drop everything they're doing and go home.
    Invite Code: check with me on discord as it changes every restart
    Discord server: -deleted-

    Hopefully, someone will join me on this weird journey.
    P.s. dibs on Sam

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