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lan connexion problem

Discussion in 'Support' started by warnidon, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. warnidon

    warnidon Space Hobo

    Hello everyone,
    Yesterday I bought the game with my friend to play coop with it, but it's impossible.
    We spent the whole evening to apply all tips found on Google.
    We have several problems, whether i'm disconnect from the party : "Server close", whether i can't see and joint the Server "connexion issue"

    We alternated Host and player who joins
    Install all Microsoft visual
    Remove firewalls
    Restart Steam and game several Times
    check the files on steam
    use all possibilities to join the game

    I Hope that you will find us a solution because we love the game and it would pity to ask for a refund for this.

    Thanks for your attention and i wish you a very good evening.

    Sorry for the bad language.
    • JabberwockySR

      JabberwockySR Intergalactic Tourist

      Are you both using Steam (and/or GoG Galaxy)? If so were you using the IP address or the invite code? I have had difficulty getting the IP method to work when not on a LAN together.l, but have had success with thebinvite code method.
      • warnidon

        warnidon Space Hobo

        Thank you for your reply,
        yes we use both steam and the IP method gives the same result as the invite code method.
        Sometimes we can not connect to the server, Sometimes the server ejects the guest after a few seconds.
        I do not remember which method causes which error.
        Thank you for you help!

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