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Discussion in 'Mods' started by MsMeowners, Nov 10, 2019.

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    So I just watched Elliott's 10-heart-event and realized how much of a shame it is that we can not kiss the NPC we're dating before they have moved in with us after marriage.

    I would love a mod that would remedy that, letting you kiss your boyfriend/girlfriend pretty much anyime they are stationary in their schedules (so in Elliott's case for instance, we can kiss him regardless of whether he is in his shack, next to the firepit on the beach or on the bridge.
    Maybe even during festivals??? But I don't know if that would work).

    If possible it would also be nice to be able to configure it so we're able to choose when we're able to start kissing them (for example immediately after giving the bouquet, after reaching 9 or 10 hearts or only after seeing their 10-heart-event)!

    So basically I am needy and I just wanna smooch the NPC I'm dating without having to marry them. <3

    In my opinion, a mod like that would make the dating period much more enjoyable and meaningful and I haven't found one like that anywhere!
    Thank you very much for anybody who'll take it!! <3
    • Digus

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      I liked your idea and was playing with it today, its already working, but some more test is required.
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      • Digus

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      • Moragaine

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        This mod is wonderful! You can even add Custom NPCs to it - as long as they have a kissing animation.
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            Hello there. How to customize the addition of npc? Like Caroline, I like her very much. The sentence was translated by software and may be difficult to read. Thank you.
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