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    So... I've been putting this off, courtesy of NaNoWriMo mostly (hey, I still hit 50k words on that project so yay) but here it is!

    Minkar Threshold System
    X: 514530954
    Y: -450680247

    My name is Hugh Cinead, I was twenty years old when the Earth was destroyed.

    My name means: a spirit borne of fire. I never knew my parents. I was found in a pine flatwood in the middle of a raging wildfire as an infant. The firefighter that found me took me home and became my father. My adoptive father and his wife were a no-nonsense folk and told me how they found me many times. Growing up this weighed on me as a debt owed, even as they insisted that there was none. The decision to become a Protector and serve all of humanity wasn't a hard one. There wasn't much to do for work way out in rural Florida anyway.
    I don't know if I'm the luckiest person alive or the unluckiest. I somehow survived the wildfire that took my parents. On my graduation from the Protectorate Academy Earth was attacked and destroyed, but again I made it out. My mission to serve humanity became even more critical, even as a space fairing race we never ventured far from Earth and now with our homeworld gone humans were an endangered species.
    I spent a great deal of time considering what I would do next. But honestly, there was never really any other choice. We must rebuild. We must become strong. We must fight. I will secure my race's future by any means necessary, whether by a friendly smile or by the sword. Damn those who stand in my way.

    First day
    Immediately I set up a basic shelter. It would be hard to get any more basic than this, but it worked for the first week or so until I had a proper tent.
    Very beginning hut.jpg

    I set about exploring the planet's surface, scrounging what I could and gathering all the seeds I could find to return and begin setting up a farm. Using a sharpened piece of coal and some plant fiber I scratched out my design for the first proper building in the colony that I hope will one day be the center of a human empire. With my design set, I made my way to the outpost for supplies, selling off all the miscellaneous abandoned tech except a few pieces of armor, a pair of weapons, and the pixel printer. The cash was enough to get started. Honestly, it took a few raids on neighboring planets to gather sufficient income to properly 'staff' the farm.

    This thing came out way bigger in reality than I thought...
    Big farm.jpg
    big farm closeup.jpg

    I need to get proper housing up for human farmers to oversee the bots job and ferry goods to the proper storage sites or to sell. I plan on making the village just to the west of this farm, while developing a second farm to the right of it, focusing on animals this time as we are sorely lacking for protein. The planet lacks fruit entirely, I will need to get a spaceport and branch out to the nearby forest world for tomatoes soon at the very least.Once I get farms, a few buildings, and a proper water and sewage system I will be able to call the place home and begin looking for the most critical resource of all: colonists.

    Total Food Production:
    Vegetables: 240 (Pearlpeas, Corn, and Potatoes)
    Carbohydrates: 180 (Wheat and Rice)
    Fruit: 0
    Meat: 0
    Completely deficient in everything else.
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    That's one big farm for one person... where did you get all those seeds? My first planet only had a handful of seeds, even when I traversed the whole thing and collected everything I saw.

    Not that that is a problem... A good start to feeding the masses to come :)
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    There was a mod that lets me sacrifice produce for seeds. Which makes sense since the entire point of produce from the plant's perspective is to spread its seeds out and reproduce. Tis a lot there, but Hugh has big plans ;)

    Hugh has completed three main tasks that he set out to do last he checked in: sewer, water storage, and the animal farm.

    Animal Farm

    Chickens produce an egg a day, more or less so these chickens provide a +20 protein.
    The meat chickens, produce about 5 pounds of meat a piece (broiler chickens). Given a pound of meat has 123 grams of protein and the average active human requires about 60 grams of protein each chicken supplies about 10 protein a piece, with 20 chickens this is 200 protein. However, as a chicken requires a day to grow (measured from egg in-game) only half of this is available as meat at any given time, so +100 protein.

    THere are 5 pigs usable for meat. Each one has about 180 pounds of meat, for a total of 900 pounds of pork available without killing the sows, granting... 1,800 protein available.

    There are 5 cows usable for meat. Each one yields about 500 pounds of meat, for a total of 2,500 pounds of beef available without killing the females raising young, granting... 5,000 units of protein.

    There are 10 cows producing milk. Each cow can produce about 6 gallons a day for a total of 60 gallons of milk per day for the ranch, granting about 120 protein.

    I did not look up my numbers before deciding on how much space to use for this... I may never have to worry about protein again O_O Also... cows are a lot bigger than I thought >.> So...uh... help with numbers to adjust for starbound and Kingdoms?

    Sewer and Water Storage (different storage facilities but they look identical. Not much to show really) The total amount of sewage that the facility can handle is 10,000 gallons. The water facility is larger and can store 25,000 gallons of water. I plan on adding treatment and processing facilities for each, but I haven't managed to find the sewer dungeon for the necessary equipment as of yet.
    sewer, not much to show.jpg

    After the day's work it was nap time aboard the ship:

    Now, its off to explore the universe looking for a door big enough to be the main gate for the village.

    Vegetables: 240 (Pearlpeas, Corn, and Potatoes)
    Carbohydrates: 180 (Wheat and Rice)
    Fruit: 0
    Meat: 7,400
    Sewer system set up
    Water holding system set up
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    Nah, the Protein numbers look good. Cows are big animals, and feed a lot of people.

    Looks like a good base set of food prep being made. Good Job!
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    A flurry of construction and here is the result: overview of the village thus far.jpg
    Finally, the place is starting to look like a proper town/village!

    Firstly is Darija's home which doubles as the guardhouse. Darija is actually the second guard to move in here. The first's name was Desmond, who went looking for his lost boyfriend, Prince, and right after Hugh retrieved him Desmond decided that it would be better to work aboard Hugh's cruiser instead of live down on the surface with him. It mattered little to Prince it seems as he was hitting on Darija pretty soon after her arrival. A few buildings later and they're already showering together and she gave the 'hot and bothered' status. Hugh decided to pretend he couldn't see more than the area immediately around him. Her job includes monitering the cameras, sounding the alarm in case of attack and personally dealing with any errant monsters that wander into town.

    Guard's House.jpg

    Despite the sign the next structure is not actually an inn, but a tavern. The tavernkeep's name is Huey who runs the town effectively at the present. Pictured below the tavern is Huey's house.
    chef's house.jpg

    Last but not least is the apartment style building that the first wave of farmers live in, with a second on the way so that all crops in the neighboring complex are tended to.
    first group of farmers.jpg

    Population = 8

    = Not sure how to calculate this... recipes? Surely I cant have a score of almost 3k... >.< Warps things
    Health = +1
    = +2.37
    Morale = 1.1
    Economics = 0

    Kingdom rating: 4.4 + food

    Tech Level =
    wood/stone, copper/iron, coal
    Fleet Level = 1 transport
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