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    Public Update 34

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry we're a few hours late!

    We're winding down for the holidays, so it's going to be small update this time. Please excuse the lack of lack of shiny gifs and images: most of the progress has been with the code and story. Here's what we've been working on.

    • Joe's been working hard to ensure the tactical pause and follower commands will be back for the next test. As well as adding strategy, they also bring much needed breathing room to combat when things get dicey. Although we hadn't initially planned for these features to be in the game; they've been requested often, especially by backers interested in single-player mode.
    You can also select 'move' to tell your companions to get out of a dangerous area. They weren't included the previous test as the new abilities and follower systems were interfering with the commands.
    • Lou has added another large branching dialogue tree to the game's campaign. These are optional and allow players to learn more about the town, the events unfolding in the game's narrative and its cast of misfit characters.
    • We still haven't been able to call a definite release date. Apologies for the uncertainty, but we think it's best if we hold off until we know for sure.
    Next time we'll try to bring you more content, but this month has really been about under-the-hood progress. We hope you enjoy the holiday season, wherever you are and whatever it is you have planned.

    Take care,

    - Inglenook Games

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