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    If there's one thing I've learned it's that humans are the most illogical beings. The trick with hard difficulties is to tell yourself just how impossible the situation was. So I failed, well it wwas because that guy was at that one spot making it practically impossible. That way it doesn't feel like a failure. Failures are the opposite of losing. If you madage to die on a baby mode thaen you failed hard core, but if you win it doesn't really matter becase it's easy peasy. On a impossible difficulty the roles have flipped.
    hat I consider to be the "right difficulty" is when you are pushed to your limits but not over those limit's. I also completely separate grind and unfair mechanics from the world challenge.
    Popularity isn't actually that important. Popular only means safety. It's all about how you expres these opinions. You talk using reason and logic, so it's no wonder people are listening.
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    to be honest, I've always thought of Neptunia as a lighthearted show. Even VII isn't as dark as it should have been, given the amount of potential it has. What makes this series great is the fact that characters and plots revolves around actual real life console-related events, such as video game piracy, the fall of the dream cast, the handheld generation trying to revive the main consoles and of course, third party developers changing the landscape of the world by discarding consoles and would instead pursue the PC route (I think VII was trying to showcase this change). What would be interesting would be for new CPUs (representing the new and more powerful next gen consoles) trying to take over, only to be destroyed by PC games, and that the CPUs must band together to defeat the ultimate evil that is pirated games no wait that's the plot of the second game.

    Another idea would be for the CPUs to pursue several magical girls that creates shares from out of nowhere (This is a representation of kickstarter, Indiegogo and gofundme) only for Alfiore to capture them and use their pwoers for evil. However, the shares created by these girls would ultimately backfire (project fails to meet its goal) and let the CPUs wrestle victory from the Jaws of a failed kickstarter. This would showcase the rise and downfall of the online funding platforms, and gives a creative way of tieing in shares and how shares can ultimately affect the ending (shares saving the kickstarter girls from dying, for example).
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    That's deep man
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    These are good ideas. I have a habit for serious stories, mostly due to my personality, being serious nearly all the time with little to no sense of humor. This is probably why I trend more towards Nepgear, Noire, and Uni, and why I tend to be annoyed by Neptune and Ram.

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